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Summer Love!


It’s here! It’s finally here! My favorite season! Time for the beach (and beachcoming!) the boat, the garden, my family, and endless inspiration! Lots of tinkering going on in the studio as usual. Coming out with new products every day!

Enjoy your time with your loved ones and with nature. This is the BEST time to get back to it! Connect with spirit, with yourself and your creative worth!


Unleashing some lighter blends for summer- several already in the shop take a look!

This collection of Stardust bangles is new to the summer line!! Check them out in the shop !

Garlands! Back out for Summer! The best piece of celebration wear a spirit hound could want!

Natural Soy & Hemp Candles Scented with High Quality Fragrances OR Essential Oils for Healing – ALSO treasures hidden on the bottom!

What do you think!? What are your favorite Scents?! Enjoy! Blessings, Beth

Sunday Funday – Mandala Coloring & Construction!


Look out – we’re link heavy but its worth it.

So…why mandalas?

What are they?

Why do I keep seeing them?

Do some homework! Essentially they are a wheel of design to represent principals in harmony – Mandala means “disc or wheel” in sanskrit. It’s never ending!






Google Image


Google Image


Mandalas have been used in cultures all over the world as a healing and telling form of channeling and design.

These vibrational circles found on Tibetan temples and on Dutch Farm houses alike. They all have a harmony and melody and speak to us in different ways.

There is a formula to them and by tracing, learning how to construct or simply coloring or drawing inside of Mandala WILL help you channel things within yourself. They are for everyone, and for all ages.

Google Image

You can explore repetition, motifs, color, lines, and information inside of repetitive structures & enclosures. Lines, leaves, petals, bubbles, shading, hatching, doodling.
You’ll see a telling collection of fragements your mind is harboring and quiet your mind in the process. It’s a VERY therapeutic practice!

For Sunday Funday here are some RAD FREE PRINTABLE Mandalas you can color, trace, cut, or be inspired by!!!

Great for kids, Grandparents, Men, Women and YOU.










and even




Get out your pencils, pastels, crayons & Markers! You can even glue sequins or magazine words & clippings!

Enjoy! Share what you colored on my FB Page > Beth Kaya or BethKaya Design & Consulting!