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Good Saturday Morning Auction To You! These auctions are approaching the 2 year mark. A lot has happened since I first started them, I have evolved a lot as a person, friend and artist. Also Instagram has changed a lot too with the community. FEAR is one of those tools people use to control others. Last night we all stood by shocked as fear was being forced on innocent people in Paris. What a horrific tragedy as people embarked on their weekend they set out to enjoy and ended up in the hands of demons. That’s how peace is destroyed. This morning’s auction is a peace builder again. I’ll keep doing them as I see peace unweave before me in our own community and in our community at large. The job of the awakened is to seek healing, to spread a message of light penetrating darkness, to empower your neighbors and send them home in safety, not fear. We all are here to serve a divine purpose, no one of us is any more important than anyone else. Every beating heart is a heart that came into this world in the same way. If you are striking fear into anyone by your mission, shame on you. Today’s offering is in prayer, in peace and safety of the heart – to calm grief and console confusion, bring forth wrathful change. ?This bundle includes: 1 – EYE OF HORUS gold foiled dish – host sacred pieces / altar or offering plate. 1 – Vial of Stargazing #Moringa Miracle Scrub with skin clearing Essential Oil Blend 1 – Jasmine Angel Candle – Intention for Peace and Protection 1 – Orgone Crystal Point with #Amethyst (All Soothing Healing) Aluminum, Quartz and Gold Leaf 1 – Surfside Spray – Beachfront Hues 1 – Shea and Pink Salt FaithFul Grace Soap 1 – Sacred Bath Soak Vial with Pink, Black #Lava, Dead Sea Salts Roses and Lavender petals 1 – Trumpet Pod – (cleaned by my 4 year old) filled with Citrine, Moonstone, Coffee Moonstone, Sardonyx, Carnelian, Fluorite, Rose Quartz and Calcite This bundle is valued over $110. Today’s bidding opens at $28 and goes in 1 dollar increments. To Bid Comment with Your Bid Tag Who You Are Out Bidding ?Winner pays $6.00 shipping and handling USA and rated by zipcode and weight for Intl Customers. Auction Closes 9PM EST Tomorrow, Sunday. Thank You.


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BethKaya Garlands


The last 2 years have been incredibly transformative for me as a person. In the healing and spirit realms I have learned an incredible amount of lessons through both exposure to darkness and to great white luscious light. What I’ve brought away from some of these experiences are some cornerstones to begin more searching with. Once you start to uncover certain sets of information you cannot go back. You can try to swim in the opposite direction of where life is pushing you but really – its much easier to swim with the current.

In Hawaii we climbed an active lava field for 6 hours up and back (12 hours). It was the hardest thing next to giving birth I’ve ever put my body through physically. My shoes were not appropriate for the hike either. After getting to the active lava flow I forgot completely about my feet and was knocked over with elation feeling the heat from live flowing lava on my body. I pulled out a mini banana from the Hilo market and could NOT resist throwing it into the lava. I wanted to hold the liquid magma in my hands! It was afterall right in front of me – although we all know how that would end up.  I hunted for the closest stick and poked my banana peel into the lava and watched both liquify into it.


It was dark for the hike home and every single step hurt. I walked fast and carefully second in line behind  the guides on the way down when on the way up I was dead last. If you fall – you’re injured. The gal behind me fell several times and every time she bled. The whole team had to stop and help patch her up before continuing on. Recently cooled lava is like little shards of carefully constructed glass that breaks and sloughs away under you into tiny pieces of glass. I should have gotten the Merrills my husband wanted to buy me as a wedding gift. Always trying to save a penny, I went with trusty New Balances, big mistake. As soon as we got off that volcano and I took my shoes off – the entire inside of the shoe was completely worn out. When I took my socks off much of my skin on both feet came with and I had blisters the size of the cockroaches I saw at the outdoor airport in Hilo. Thank god a week of flip flops were in my future (not really – we did a LOT of painful hiking that I did mostly barefoot because no shoe would save me from the pain of exposed skin sloughs). The best part of this nasty story is that I would NEVER trade that experience for the pain. I hiked to ancient burial grounds, to the top of Waimea canyon, to secret beaches spanning miles with no one around, to quiet sleepy towns with children selling jewelry and other local trinkets.

At the end of our trip I had amassed quite a new collection of materials to make jewelry with and also a new idea of jewelry to start. Lots of men in Hawaii wear jewelry and I loved that. Jewelry worn proudly on a man is well, hot. I also love that some pieces of jewelry can be worn both equally on a woman and a man. So with materials like died hemp cords, waxed linens, leather, suede, coral, shells, wood, bone, glass etc I can too create jewelry that celebrates nature, life, holiday, gifts, senses…all of the above.

Over the fall I worked on a lot of these unisex pieces that you’ll start to see trickling into my etsy shop but I also fell hard into working on these garlands. The garlands fuze the mala jewelry I was making before the Hawaii trip and also the art of Hawaiian Leis.
The garlands are made 100% of natural materials – minus the monofilament cord but I also do them on hemp too.

Incorporating African fair trade and Tibetan Fair trade Beads with the materials I collected and obtained in Hawaii – I’ve made this beautiful dramatic length necklace. To be worn at any time – they are comprised of shells, bone, glass, wood, lava, gemstones, found items and silk flowers. The best part about the silk flowers (some are also without) is that you can add your favorite oil blend to them and they will carry the scent for you like a real lei would! They are cocktails of powerful natural energies and  when worn proudly will bring you certain benefits, aside from making a powerful statement of life. That is it a celebration, and through adornment we can transform too.

There were a lot of things I did in Hawaii that pushed my normal boundaries. I promised since to always live in that vain. I don’t ever want to regret not doing something that I should have. So when that doubt creeps in – bat it away and hold your nose and jump in.