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Soft Opening of BethKaya’s Self Care Cove


Hello Everyone!

I hope you are staying warm in this fickle weather. We are going to wait till it’s a little warmer to do our grand opening so right now the Self Care Cove store front is officially open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays – 11 am to 7pm.

My store is located at 515 Drum Point Road – Brick NJ 08723 – It’s a little yellow building and if you can back into the driveway, you might wish to.

#bricknj coming for you! 11-7 tomorrow and sat // @selfcarecove

#bricknj coming for you! 11-7 thur fri & sat // @selfcarecove

The store features all of my favorite holistic bath and beauty brands and some new ones you’ve maybe never heard of. I have scouted independent brands from etsy and all over and have connected to bring you unique and honest products meant to make you happy and feel whole. I have handpicked such amazing items for you to explore. Books, Candles, Gifts, Home Fragrance, Plants and so much more.

Me // Home // Art // BethKaya // Self Care Cove . Photo By Geraldine Valecillos  . photo by @geraldineval_  jewels by @emmyeffdesigns & @eclecticriverdesigns

Me // Home // Art // BethKaya // Self Care Cove  Photo By Geraldine Valecillos @geraldineval_
jewels by @emmyeffdesigns & @eclecticriverdesigns

This has been my life’s passion and it means everything to have gotten this far and to have the support of the community. We have a suggestion box in front of the check out desk if you want to tell me about something you love or would like to see me carry at the store. We are also looking to host some support groups, open crafting hours, lectures and more in the space. Please look for BethKaya and Self Care Cove on social media / facebook & instagram.


Stay tuned for more to come with my Spring line up!



I wrapped up the kiosk this weekend at Jersey Shore Premium outlets. What an experience that was. I really enjoy setting up an installation that is unique to each venue I am at and really each day I am there. I take something away and adjust each time.

There were some moments of conversation that I will bring with more forward forever. A friends father visited the booth for a while and he is undergoing stage IV cancer treatments throughout his body. He was just so happy to be around and grateful through the words he shared. He told me how he had to fly to Georgia alone for his treatments. He wasn’t complaining at all I just remarked “That must be so difficult to do the travel on the heals of everything.” He just looked at me and said ” I have held my dying child, this is nothing, I can do anything.” He meant it. He also remarked “Every morning I look up at the sky and say thank you, cancer changes you, it really does.” So above all that conversation comes with me and helps me ground my gratitude practice.

Incredibly beautiful photo of @faerieblessings in her glory rocking a crystal sphere and orgone point ring I sent her way ⚡️ she is magical!

@faerieblessings “crystal sphere and orgone point ring”

I put some new things up in the etsy shop, some essential oil blends, some candles, new scrubs and new edition soaps perfect for the thick of summer. I am really loving where the shop is headed and how it looks.


It’s been such an evolution. I have some new orgone pieces coming trickling into the shop too and would love for you to check it out and tell me what you think!

There is a black crow perched above me as I take this photo and stare into my own shadow against the panes of my humid house. When the black eyed Susan's bloom a part of my heart explodes a little, every year. The crow nods as if he knows why. . . . . . Orgone Rose necklace strung on blue chalcedony rosary. ⚡️


As a side note I am going to do my final installation of the summer at the SOULSATIONAL WELLNESS festival July 30, 2016. It’s a FREE, all day family friendly event with performers, artists, poets, and wellness centric EVERYTHING! I am so excited ! If you are local please come and stop by!

Incredible photo from @theabsolutebeauty

Incredible photo from @theabsolutebeauty

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Love, Beth

✨ Fun gift sets with all your favorite signature #BethKaya products at great bundles prices live in my etsy shop!✨ More to come!! #intention #crystalinfused #holistic #nagchampa #coffeescrub #lotion #bodyspray #soap #crystals #lotionbar #faithfulgrace #energyvial #bybethkaya #etsy


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✨#Etsy update live✨ Lots of new holistic and #crystalinfused delights for your mind, body and spirit! BethKaya/Etsy – Link in Bio ! Since tomorrow is my birthday here is a 10% off coupon purchases $20 or more (not valid for private sales) Use Code : VIRGOLOVE2015 I hope you have a rockin Friday and weekend!! Regular Auction Tomorrow Am (10:30am) and still a little bit of time to enter my #bethkaya15k Mega parcel giveaway, look that hashtag up for the graphic to share to enter! Sending you all #energy love, #heady vibes and massive amounts of #bliss. #skincare #bathbombs #soap #etsyartist #essentialoils #energyart #crystalhealing #lotion #fragrance #tonic #sacredsensory


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🔮Last for tonight. Maybe detash one tomorrow morning …I’m so thankful ya’ll enjoy these! It’s such a high vibe! 🙏Can’t wait to drop that on SOUPERGROOVE 🌌💎music festival in Freehold NJ next weekend! 🌿Camping is totally sold out but passes for music and fun are still available!💎As always, these auctions are a great way to get an intentionally paired bundle of #BethKaya goods for less and at the hands of some sport. 🌊This last one is a mix intended to lend you some long term support and pampering care. Soften your heart ❤️and open your mind 🌌to the special place in time and role in our collective consciousness as we evolve into awakened beacons of kindness and light. 🌞Thank you for tuning in! ✨ Auction #6 Contains: 3 – Packs of specialty #Soaps *4 pack of Sweet Lemon Parade Goastmilk Soap Flowers *Forever Roses Pink Clay Facial Soap * Crystal Infused Olive Intention Soap (Determination) 1 – Coconut Vanilla Signature Gem and #Botanical #Fragrance Roll On with Roses and Gems 1 – Palo Santo Smudge Stick 1 – 2 oz bottle of Organic #Lotion with Quartz Point Inside In No longer being offered scent KAUAI KAI scent – sold out completely while I had it – suppliers nuked a key ingredient. 1 – ALIVE #essentialoil spray blend – for home and wellness – vigor, spiritual lift, space cleansing 2 – #DragonsBlood Resin Cubes – Complimentary Charcoal with Set 1 – Early #Orgone Gem Cast, a little Yellowed but Lovely – Mixed Gems, Infinity Symbol, #Quartz and Aluminum 1 – NATURAL Polished #Agate Slice – Botswana 1 – Raw #Hiddenite Point 1 – Raw Black and Blue #Kyanite Piece 1 – Vera Cruz AMethyst Point 1 – Septarian Chunk 1 – Green Opal ⚡️Renewing Bundle Coming to you valued at over $85+. ⚡️Bidding opens at $24 and goes in whole dollar increments. ⚡️To Bid:⚡️ Comment With Your Bid Tag Who You Are Outbidding. 🌊Winner pays $6 S/H USA and rated by weight for International Winners. Auction Closes Sunday 9pm est Good Luck! #grateful


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Holistically Delicious – Handmade Body Love Infused with Gems and Love


So many yummy things in the shop! Here are some of my favorite things! ❄️Create your own Essential Oil Scented Tibetan Quartz Point Infused Castille Soap (I am using Patchouli and Sweet Orange ) ❄️Powder Deodorant in the same scent with a hint of peppermint ❄️Sugar Salt and Coffee Scrubs ❄️Energy Blessing Vials / Totems ❄️Smudge Spray with Lemon and Palo Santo Essential Oils ❄️Flower Power Body Oil ❄Tourmaline and Hibiscus Blush (Daily wearer and devoted to this product especially the color lasts and lasts) ❄️Quartz infused all purpose balm

Is everyone still clinging to their electric blankets and space heaters for dear life?

I see my friends in Cali and Florida with their outdoor yoga and crafting photos and grumble grumble! At least the hibernating months have always meant productive ones for me int he studio. I can’t say the house is very organized or well kept but hey, that’s what Spring is for! There are lot’s of delicious treats in the shop to pamper your body and soul this winter! Here are some of my favorites:

emoji️Create your own Essential Oil Scented Tibetan Quartz Point Infused Castille Soap

I am using Patchouli and Sweet Orange in my shower – for body, face and hair wash! It’s also great for delicate washing, compresses and more.

emoji️Powder Deodorant in the same scent with a hint of peppermint

emoji️Sugar Salt and Coffee Scrubs

emoji️Energy Blessing Vials / Totems

emoji️Smudge Spray with Lemon and Palo Santo Essential Oils

emojiFlower Power Body Oil

emojiTourmaline and Hibiscus Blush. I am a daily wearer and devoted to this product especially, the color lasts and lasts.

emoji️Quartz infused all purpose balm

Check them out and let me know what you think!

emojiemojiEvery Day is a Good Day to treat yourself and home like a sacred temple of love!! emoji