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Oh Yea! SkullBoy’s Punk Runk Flea Market!


What’s up Ghouls and Geeks? Excited to announce the BethKaya Pop Shop will be representing loud and clear in a full 10X10 booth at NJ Skullboy’s annual Punk Rock Flea Market!

NJ locals, get your holiday shopping advantage and support some weirdos! Costume contest!!! Do it! Don’t ask questions!

Click Photo to be taken to the Event Facebook!

Tis The SeasonFor Skulls & Witches

We Got Spirit! Yes We Do!


I emerged into Spring with a really raw and fragile perspective.  My yard always gives me renewed connectivity to Spirit every season. The whole process of it – preparing the soil – tending to seedlings, playing dominion, the whole bit. My little family with our little “bit of earth” makes the most of it. The person who owned our house a very very long time ago put a lot of love and effort into the house and yard. They even left of trove of depression era Mason Jars inside of a handmade canning closet inside the garage. (My husband neglected to tell me about this after investing about a hundo in jars). To give him credit back,   my husband maintained this magic yard with his gentle respect and connection with nature , animals and plants. In our tiny little plot, there is generation after generation of natural magic. You can’t just buy this gorgeous piece of land and expect to grow things on it in this day and age. Bees,  are having a harder and harder time finding refuge with the pile of ecological issues going on. The word gets out. Animals know what trust means too!  Bees are in well abundance in our yard. If we were to ever leave, we can’t just take this with us.  Every state bird, caterpillar, worm, flower, butterfly, small animal and neighborhood vagrant et all , have traipsed through my yard at some point to mingle with our abundant species of plants, or my animal-speaking husband and little boy.

A little known fact about the latter portion of my child hood, we had cows, pigs, bees and sheep in our larger “backyard”. The bee pen shared a fence with our acre of land. I could unlatch a little link and enter a pen of easily 100 k bees in 9 hives or so. Bees smell fear. They smell threat. When you pose no threat, you are only getting stung if you step on them or they encounter you by accident. At certain times of the summer, honey bees drink a lot of honey and get really intoxicated. The queen  leaves the hive and flies to a pre-selected tree and all of the bees follow her. They swarm into a massive buzzing ball of bee. Our beekeeper neighbor explained and coached us little ones on the process. You can pet this phenomenon. They are so bloated from honey, they can’t shake their booty to sting. It’s absolutely incredible.

Why the bee talk? Well I did a lil tune up work with a light worker this Spring and Summer and one of the biggest take aways was that I needed to get down and respect a few things more and take on 2 major rituals.

– Daily Prayer                               and….

-Daily MULTIPLE Uninterrupted Moments with Nature – Trails, Walks, Lakes, Bays, Beaches, Garden alla Bare FEET!

Being raised in a bi religion family prayer was suggested, but not enforced.  It’s honestly just not a habit I really hadn’t been into unless I was begging for mercy. I know we’ve all had these lows where we look up at the sky and say “OK big being, take that wheel at any time now!”

Some days literally feel like every 10 minutes something is going wrong. HOW do I continue to be the inflatable clown that pops back up every every last blow?

What Am I Some Kind of Clown?

It’s praying when there is no wrong, but just to reflect on all of it. The good, the bad, the just because. This is your time to ask questions. To talk to anything that’s listening including Spirit/s, Ancestors  and “Our Higher Selves”.  This seems abstract but go with me here – It’s like having manners, to SPIRIT. Whatever you believe, you HAVE to resign yourself to one fact – this world is spinning in your very eyeholes. What harm does it do give credit where due? So just because I’m knocking a little, “What is up spirit? Thank you SO much for giving me all of the beautiful squashes, that came from bees that are SURELY doing their sacred work in my little sanctuary here.” back,  OR  “THANK YOU for this sanctuary, for the littlest bit of earth that my family has that was turned into a place where animals of all kinds feel safe, have food and give back to each other so my family can learn so many of your lessons and have wonderful foods to eat!” OR EVEN – “Dear Spirit, Where am I looking right now? Can you give me a piece of nature to guide me?” …..Run – On – Prayers over here.. you get the point.

Garden Bounty!

Grateful living is for REAL. I’m not saying ignoring the “real world” outside of being overtly gracious and concerned with what the rest of the world thinks. I feel SO much better when an entire gallon of orange juice falls out of the fridge onto a broken saucer with my 2 year old dancing in it when I take a second, BREATHE and say – ” ahhhh thank goodness I am home with him today and have the air in my lungs to breathe this air of frustration!” OR “What did I just learn from that?” How can I honor that it was really upsetting to break such a special dish and spill a whole gallon of orange juice but also put it all back into perspective here. It’s really honoring it and vocalizing things in a way of light even if dark. Picking the battle inside of the perspective of it’s place within the greater meaning of it all. Spilled Orange Juice? Annoying and wasteful perhaps, but not the end of the world. I had and have a lot of bratty behaviors that just have got to go in order for me to really really shine. These practices are curbing them into respectful places!

Easier said then done I suppose, and I certainly find myself caught up on a bad day or two, or more!

Sacred Fibonacci












WHY ALL OF THIS BABBLE? Reconnecting with my spirit, with my mother, earth inspires me. When I eat, and feed my family what we GROW OURSELVES it connects me with a spirit and she invigorates me with fire in my idea cauldron. We are literally EATING spirit! It’s incredible. As the growing season winds down I know my production level too will die down. That doesn’t mean we’re going to sleep! This means we’re going to school, to the thinking tank, to the white board.

My husband and I built ourselves a studio and now I have tools in home at my grasp. This summer was her first ride. I produced more than ever in a single summer and also have the biggest financial summer as an indie designer. My husband has a little recording and digital music making situation going on in the same room. This winter we fully expect to collaborate there as a family and produce exciting things musically once again. I’ve played harmonica for a long time now. It’s another facet that I’m not sure some people who are newer to my work know. Harmonica is an instrument that is classic to the original dub music made in Jamaica. It is also a bigtime American Folk Instrument.  I can work many genres with the use of modern effects and with my husband and my vast musical collection and knowledge – its REALLY exciting to think about. I hope you guys will help us spread our music when the time comes.

Here is a snapshot of the big projects I worked on this summer as I wrap things up for Autumn:

The most important project of all – ReBranding BethKaya



New Business Card



New One Sheet







Handpainted Items





Upcycled Scrap Headbands













I had a lot of gas in my creative tank to produce this stuff. Being open with my inspiration, giving credit and thanks where due. (Thank You, Brett Joseph and Terra Kroll for your mentorship)  This precipitated a lot more opportunities for me that I’ve had to date while working on my own. I actually worked my arse off to also be fair but I very much have been propelled by a deeper connection to my “dharma” my “sacred path” and have been given the light to work because of the light in my heart. With new angles on the work I am here to do, I can do things better, bolder, and with a greater impact.

Think about the women before us. Think of the conveniences we have now.  Lets reconnect with that and use our modern conveniences right along with it. This is the time to be more grateful, connected, mystical, and more enabled then EVER to do what any one truly wants to in their hearts.




P.S. If you’ve made it this far – hit me up for a free Tarot Card Spit – I’m resurrecting an art that means a lot to me in the name of new techniques and vision.

Message me Today!

Headbands By BK


Artists are these cooky people who are secretly or not so secretly organized hoarders. Ask any artist. They have random collections of collections with large intentions. One of of my gifts is to see an ordinary object or an item thats be tossed aside and see something new. For years as sewing projects have come and gone – my big old honkin bag of fabric, lace and felt scraps grew to this enormous level. When I see an inflation of something in my studio I have to say to myself “Balance this out and use what you have.”

So with a little inspiration admittedly by a few dear friends having little baby girls, with SUCH CUTE hair accessories for them, I went to work. With a little glue gun action and some burnt thumbs I created some incredible little things like Rosettes, Daffodils, Lillys, Iris etc. Each little fabric rose is different, which to me is my total MO. You can’t even imagine how a print will look as a rosette. A dear friend and sewing maven (until breast cancer robbed her of complete mobility) kicked me down a bunch of scraps too! A pair of vintage star wars sheets easily became my most favorite of the rosettes. (great band name btw, The Rosettes…hmmm) You’d never even know the roses were made from star wars sheets either. That’s whats so wonderful to me about transformation and repurposing!

Late in the night I find myself starving sleep, arranging these little flowers onto grippy headbands. I’ve experimented with many headbands and still carry plain colored elastic bands for youth sizes but the grippy headbands are going to be the staple. They are AWESOME. They fit all sizes, adult and youth and also has this low key rubber grip weave that keeps the band and the hair in place! I wear mine to the gym and then out for cocktails! I sneak some pearls, lace flowers,  little stamen and such to add sophistication and real art qualities to these very realistic and wearable pieces.

Not only am I comfortable at 28 rocking my own headbands, kids and even BABIES can wear them! Awesome for special occasions, picture day, photo shoots, the beach, you name it.

I think I will always make these, they are just so fun and functional. If you want one poke around in my shop or contact me direct! BethKaya@gmail.com

I love making custom things for special people. Most of the people who buy my work are in my circle. Meditating on their energy inspires me in new ways all the time. Thank you to all of you who support my art work! Its really a blessing to be able to help people through creative and purposeful adornment.

The headbands are a little time consuming so they range from 16-25 bucks depending on what you have going on with it. (I have simple ones I’ll be listing soon for 12 and below from my first hack at it.) Ostrich feathers and pearls obviously are a little bit of sassy luxury but to me and naturally, worth it.

Sacred Living


When a good friend reccomended that I check out an online learning collective – I took a quick shake of a look and dismissed the venue like many other venues of online learning that have so been recommended by many a friend. I did some how manage to subscribe to their mailing list and after a few months an email landed in my vision path entitlted “Sacred Geometry…”. I’ve always been really curious about it, and have long admired legendary works of Alex Gray – but really, I had no clue WHAT sacred geometry really was. After some consideration and husband campaigning I signed up for the 6 week, online interactive.

The first sunday I set myself up in my serene bedroom. The husband and child were outside in the garden – the birds were chattering away in the background. I went to college at FIT – and we were beginning to get into online education tools but I’ve never been to class online before. Little did I know that regardless of what the lecture was about – I decided to open the channel for new waves of thinking.  The lecture covered basic principals – the root 5 rectangle and some sacred geographic spots – but really what the course served is a spark to my own quest for more knowledge. What very serious systems of the universe, ourselves, life and consciousness am I MISSING?

To be honest – things had been really tough since Hurricane Sandy. I like many other people here at the Jersey Shore have been really unsettled and curious. Everything has suffered as a result of this new terrain and my inability to adapt to life now, in my home, my marriage, my inner conflicts.

No kidding right? Hurricane Sandy was a perfect Fibonacci Sequence.

What’s that you ask?

Well – the answer lies in sacred geometry.

I can’t explain light years of information in one little vapid hole in digital space and time – but what I can ask you to do is seek for yourself.

Over the course of the next 5 Sundays I learned about sacred resonances, ancient abandoned systems of measurement that are completely accurate in today’s world, how to do sacred constructions (constructions that civilizations hundreds of thousands of years ago were doing) and I learned how with a simple ratio – the order of life, the world and the universe is explained and decoded.

Heavy shit right?

You bet it is! My mind literally turns inside of itself when I practice sacred geometry to ruminate on the possibility of an actual explanation to everything, EVERYTHING as we know it. Is that not exciting to you? The promise of something you can actually wrap your head completely around – if you are a math person or not.

The other part of this that I have to mention – and also why things aren’t rapidly appearing in my shop like they used to.

I’m taking time out – as displayed by this to work on myself, before I can feel clear to offer my work to you.

What I mean by that is – I want to be working for a sacred purpose and I want to make sure I know what that purpose is. It’s been communicated to me and also just witnessed that everyone seems to have this hustle. My work is not about a hustle and as it becomes one I become less engaged with it. So honoring this mission in the last 7 months I’ve taken a few vows –

to work on others, through working on myself,

to honor my past and clear any cobwebs preventing me from what I truly want

and to reconnect with my purpose, my family and NATURE.

Here is the part of the blog where I shout out – and I tend to do that because I do not believe much growth is achieved alone.

There are PEOPLE behind my life that are helping to mold me into my sacred work and purpose.

This time I’m going to mention just 2 but I have a few more waiting in the wings for the next go at “blog”.

Lisa Fogarty Kasczynski- I have a whole blog dedicated to her and the GORUCK Experience – but I need to express how much her mentorship has meant to me with my fitness quest over the last 6 months. She gets it done – bottom line with a great big thousand kilowatt smile. If she can convince me pushing a couch up 2 flights of stairs and making mud angels on NYC soil while being crowd surfed on is a good time, I got gotta hand it to her. More on this later…

Brett Joseph – This guy has popped in and out of my life, almost like an roadsign. He practices an ancient form of astrology mixed with several time honored modalities to help you get some perspective and further intuition of the purpose in your tasks and events. Like usual he stepped back into my life where I expertly needed him and I cannot express enough to anyone looking for some road signs to reach out to him for this. His services are well worth the money and hell, cheaper than therapy with much much more to gain. Ideas, Strategies, Songs Stuck in your head – reach out and get your chart done, serious game changer there – morethanastrology@gmail.com

OK so Sacred Living – thats it more yoga, more nature, more VILLAGE and more FAMILY. Excited always about the journey, it is such a journey.

Here are some constructions I did in the wee hours of the night, snuggling with my compass –

Seed Of Life

Seed Of Life

Flower Of Life

Flower Of Life




Metatron’s Cube

Walking for Breast Cancer – TEAM FUNK CANCER!


Hey friends, some of you so kindly supported my initiative crafting bracelets out of recycled T shirts for my friend in treatment. Well a dear friend of mine is heading another campaign and we are walking for Breast Cancer in October.


This is my team page – anyone who donates will get 5 recycled T shirt bracelets! Any dollar amount counts. Please don’t lose another friend or loved one to this vicious disease without doing your part to help millions who are fighting for their lives.

And as always, FEEL YOUR BOOBS!

If you are interested in joining our team, AWESOME, the more the merrier.




My Garden, The Teacher



As a constant booming idea person, it’s often hard to busy my mind enough to quiet the racket.

Many times I find that my garden and the shoreline are the only two things that can fully capture every area of my busy mind at the same time and then push me into a state of mental obedience.
Meditation isn’t just about sitting in a quiet room, repeating a mantra although that works.  Really, a practice that allows for mental obedience and discipline is mediation.
No matter what, there are things every day that my garden requires from me.
If I don’t do them, the gentle village of plants and insects that I’ve worked for years to sow and wind into harmony, will suffer directly. Every morning when that baby hits the crib sheets for the am nap, I enter the garden and tend to its needs. I observe the changes that have occurred in just a short time since I last visited. It’s amazing how fast something can thrive and how fast it can dive. A seedling teaches me that no matter what you do in life to create the most optimal environment for something to grow, it has to want to grow. As much as I want to wake up and see seedlings emerge the day after I’ve planted them, or the next, my time, is not nature’s time. Patience is one of those virtues I’ve struggled with for all my days, and there is no room without it per the garden’s rules. Then as seedlings emerge, the strongest are the ones allowed to survive and I play dominion when I thin them to assure the fittest among the tribe. You must perform the rituals for success and you must wait. This silent falling into order, has never been my way but I’ve always been willing to work for food.
 Over the last decade I’ve become stringently attentive to what I eat and what I am feeding and exposing my family to. Since we became aware of the dangerous additives to everyday foods and sundries it has become abundantly clear that there is no looking back and there is no other way for us to live but as naturally as possible. Aside from being incredibly lucky to have such a rocking home to hundreds of flower and herb varieties, we have multiple organic veggie gardens and my yard really is not that big, we just allocated space for these things and now I am so glad we did.
Today in the 105 degree heat, I watered and weeded the beds, deadheaded flowers, staked tomatoes and lillies and laid down river rocks near the front beds that I collected from the bay. All of this to the white noise of the baby monitor clipped to my apron. Thinking about it – what a wonderful, healing and productive way to spend an hour or two.  I was dripping with sweat, so much that it was burning my eyes. When I came inside I sat back and enjoyed some tea, I relished that my lovely was still napping and long enough for mom to catch a breath. Later on, I harvested our entire supper. We roasted zuchinni, green beans, rainbow carrots and chard, lettuce, onions, radishes and garlic cloves. It feels like receiving a trophy every time I am able to harvest an entire meal like that but really I take away so much more. Sometimes quiet compliance gets the job done and bores more lesson with reward then kicking up smoke, dust and glitter, but hey I like that too, sometimes.

America, the independent beautiful


As someone new to this blogging game, I straddle the line of where I’d like this train to go.
Is this a blog about myself, as a mother and artist?
Is it a blog about art and whims?
Is it a soapbox to share things I think are awesome?
I suppose it’s all of these things, but I wonder just how personal to make it.
There is a saying that once you put it out into the digital meta space that you can never take it back.
There are pieces of myself I want to share, but someday – I might feel differently.
I will say that today is our country’s day of independence – the concept of independence is one of those things that as a new mom you wonder about.
As a stay at home mother, working in my spare moments to push my business and also to create an environment that’s optimal for our family has me thinking about the concept more and more. The people who fought for our country to be what it is, didn’t do so, so they could run off and do whatever they felt like.
They did so to create a better place for their children and their family’s to live freely, but within a structure.
On a hot summer night, on a rare escape to the pharmacy or grocery store alone, I often turn up the song on the radio, roll my window down and twirl my hand outside in the passing breeze and for a moment or two. I reconnect with the freedom and independence I left behind the day there were 2 lines on the pregnancy test.
I find my mind flashing through the flicker-real of moments collected from my days and travels before becoming a parent and I miss them for a moment or two.
Then at the left turn before my neighborhood, waiting for the light to turn green I remember that in less than a minute, the raft that is the home I’ve built is waiting for me and it’s just the raft I wanted to cling to all throughout those days of freedom.
I’m lucky to have a little bit of earth to sow, and call our own. I’m lucky that my fiance and I are free to believe in our god that is so very our own and omits from our flowers, our child and our little beach. Thanks America for being you, nothing’s perfect – but in my opinion, you’re still the best.

Living Room Bowling On a Rainy Day


The other day I was in the check out isle of a store and from the check out noticed a mini bowling pin set. I know this has  happened to you; when there is a packed line behind you and you spot one more thing you think you might want to buy but know if you step one inch out of line you’re getting clobbered by everyone behind you? One of those… Anyhow, once I paid I went over to the bowling set and looked it over. It was pretty cheap plastic and had a 10 dollar price tag. I put it down and went home.
My little boy loves sports. He loves to play ball and he really gets into it. He shouts “BALL!” wildly as he hurls a ball at you laughing and clapping. We are die hard yankee fans around here as well and he loves laying with mom and dad for a little baseball before bed. Someone gave him a pair of little golf clubs recently too and we play hockey around the house with them. He’s a natural!  

This morning I woke up to a rainy rainy day. My kid needs to exert energy or he can be quite a  little rascal (to put it mildly). This morning while Silas was eating I collected 10 similar juice bottles from our recycling bin. There are a MILLION uses and reuses for plastic and glass bottles and containers!  I scrubbed them with hot soapy water and took all the labels off. Using some dollar store construction paper, Silas and I made new labels with giant numbers on each pin using different colors and some packing tape.  We had a blast making and playing with our pins today! Silas didn’t quite get that he needed to roll the ball to knock the pins down. When I’d tell him “GO!” he’d throw the ball in the air and crash into all the pins throwing and kicking them wildly around the room. He has innovated the game!  Every time I tried to set them up he’d kick or knock them out of my hands before I could put them down and he laughed hysterically while doing so. Hey, mission accomplished and on top of that, we scored a PM nap which is touch and go these days. Hopefully he’ll sleep like a champ tonight! Our game was a nice distraction too from the gigantic molars that have been pounding his little lower jaw all week!
Next you need an indoor craft and sport, dig into your recycling bin! 

All in good and cheeky fun,


Up-cycled Bracelets for Breast Cancer II


Remember when I posted about the awesome bracelets I made from upcycled T shirts for a pal with cancer? Well I hit my goal and I’m working towards another one for another warrior, ALREADY! You know what this means? This is WORKING!  I am selling them for 5 bucks for 3 . They come in all colors and fit almost anyone. They look awesome with your summer gear! ALL proceeds are going to a fund I’ve set up to give amex gift cards to individuals battling breast cancer.  This gift can go towards anything, copays, dinner, medical bills, groceries and more. Give a little, get a little and make an even bigger difference!

Do some good and get some awesome bracelets in exchange! Do you know someone battling breast cancer? Would you like me and my team to take up your warrior’s battle too? Email BethKaya with details, we can start a waiting list a mile long as long as people continue to care and support this cause! 

For 3 bracelets shoot me a paypal donation of $5.00 ($7.00 if shipping) to Bethkaya@gmail.com with your address and color preferences in the memo section. If you do not have paypal email BethKaya for mailing instructions.

Information on our first warrior – 
“Love, Light, Fight” – Brianne Diomede 

Up-cycled Bracelets for Breast Cancer


Good Morning Readers! I have made a bunch of awesome bracelets from upcycled T shirts. I am selling them for $5 bucks for a handful of them (3). They come in all colors and fit almost anyone. They look awesome with your summer gear! ALL proceeds are going to a fund I’ve set up to help a friend battling stage IIIa breast cancer.  If I can reach my goal of $50.00 (So Close!) I will craft for another warrior!

If you want to help and get some sweet bracelets in exchange shoot me a paypal payment of $5.00 ($7.00 if shipping) to Bethkaya@gmail.com with your address and color preferences in the memo section. I will ship them out right away and list you as a donor on my website at the end of the summer. Remember you can never do enough good in your life, and your health is a precious precious gift! 
Thank you for your kindness and support,