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I wrapped up the kiosk this weekend at Jersey Shore Premium outlets. What an experience that was. I really enjoy setting up an installation that is unique to each venue I am at and really each day I am there. I take something away and adjust each time.

There were some moments of conversation that I will bring with more forward forever. A friends father visited the booth for a while and he is undergoing stage IV cancer treatments throughout his body. He was just so happy to be around and grateful through the words he shared. He told me how he had to fly to Georgia alone for his treatments. He wasn’t complaining at all I just remarked “That must be so difficult to do the travel on the heals of everything.” He just looked at me and said ” I have held my dying child, this is nothing, I can do anything.” He meant it. He also remarked “Every morning I look up at the sky and say thank you, cancer changes you, it really does.” So above all that conversation comes with me and helps me ground my gratitude practice.

Incredibly beautiful photo of @faerieblessings in her glory rocking a crystal sphere and orgone point ring I sent her way ⚡️ she is magical!

@faerieblessings “crystal sphere and orgone point ring”

I put some new things up in the etsy shop, some essential oil blends, some candles, new scrubs and new edition soaps perfect for the thick of summer. I am really loving where the shop is headed and how it looks.


It’s been such an evolution. I have some new orgone pieces coming trickling into the shop too and would love for you to check it out and tell me what you think!

There is a black crow perched above me as I take this photo and stare into my own shadow against the panes of my humid house. When the black eyed Susan's bloom a part of my heart explodes a little, every year. The crow nods as if he knows why. . . . . . Orgone Rose necklace strung on blue chalcedony rosary. ⚡️


As a side note I am going to do my final installation of the summer at the SOULSATIONAL WELLNESS festival July 30, 2016. It’s a FREE, all day family friendly event with performers, artists, poets, and wellness centric EVERYTHING! I am so excited ! If you are local please come and stop by!

Incredible photo from @theabsolutebeauty

Incredible photo from @theabsolutebeauty

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Love, Beth

BethKaya Spring Preview 2016

Own it, all of it And don't say sorry. #bethkaya photo by @jeremysgordon

Own it, all of it
And don’t say sorry. – BethKaya
#bethkaya photo by @jeremysgordon


A wise man Robert Anton Wilson once said:

“A true initiation never ends. ”


-It doesn’t ever end and we tell ourselves;

” when it slows down”, “when we are over the hump”, “when we have more money”, “when there is more time”, “this will pass”


But ask yourself  if any of these thought limitations serve your purpose? Honestly, and this is something that has been hard for me to accept. Life is a series of initiations, there is ALWAYS going to be something to step over and accept.

Accepting right now, the timing of everything and where you are and where you are going is kind of hard when you are full of drive, ideas, and goals. One thing at a time – we are all undergoing deep initiations all of the time. Some of us are tra la la along and don’t writhe through these tides, and some of us come in and out of skin again and again. Both are acceptable but resistance, resistance is what leads to suffering. I resist, I am not telling anyone how to live life on my blog but rather live life through thought and process, consciously. This is how I am coping too. Post surgery, Post Winter, Post latest initiation.

My blog has been having issues the last month as well so I haven’t been able to update as much as I would like but it works again and now I’ve learned about blog security! Yay! I will be posting more often because I have my keys to this car back – and I feel like they are out of my hands sometimes on social media. A lot of people want to cash in on you if they think  you’re successful at something. I have been successful and I am glad. That’s all because of you and me. I put in a lot of work and GRIT to get to this place and no one is sailing over here. It’s hard work every day.

"Reality is always plural and mutable." - #robertantonwilson

“Reality is always plural and mutable.” – #robertantonwilson


I’m glad to finally feel confidence in what I have done and am doing. It’s a yellow brick road. There are lots of twists but you posses that power all along you just have to journey for it. Additionally while I have been climbing I have I holed up for a while and it’s never a great idea to hide yourself away so I am trying to get out there and just good old fashioned be WITH people again.

Remember that? Before our phones stood like a study carol between fun and who we love? Before I lost the last 2 years of sleep gritting out my business?It’s a weird climate to flesh out as a person, a mom and an entrepreneur.

My latest initiation is calling for this , the presence, the present, being present. The NJ shore has a lot of things to do and the locals are doing their part to make it interesting. More details THERE too coming soon. I just signed on to do the SOULSATIONAL festival here on the shore this summer and will have more details on that soon along with other events.

Going Home to @atmanandayoga in NYC My New Yorker contingency can shop in person there next week! Very excited, ️beautiful studio downtown! ⚡️ #yoga #crystalinfused #natural #holistic #shamanic #intentional #lifestyle #art #joy #passion

Going Home to @atmanandayoga in NYC My New Yorker contingency can shop in person there next week! Very excited, ️beautiful studio downtown! ⚡️ #yoga #crystalinfused #natural #holistic #shamanic #intentional #lifestyle #art #joy #passion


As winter comes to a close I have developed and honed well loved products and listened to your feedback. Thank you for your photos on all of your reviews and for your words of support and encouragement. BethKaya also became proudly insured members of the Handmakers Soap and Cosmetic Guild – and I am building out my presence in shops, boutiques and retail fronts all over the world! I just landed product in Australia, The UK and set up shop at a place in NYC.  (**I keep stopping myself from writing “our” presence – who is our? I am just ME – It is ALL done by 1 person!**)

If you’re still reading this, please join this group because my facebook is kind of broken unless I pay for you to see it. It’s been a long road to break through and getting to a point of substantial social media growth and feeling it censored by advertisers is an objective to overcome.



FB –



Content from my actual BethKaya page must be paid to promote for you to see it. How authentic is that really? Do you want to see “sponsored” in the corner of my all of my artwork? I refuse, honestly. Give it to who wants it, feed it to who will eat it – take it or leave it.

#blissedout #protected #blacktourmaline #merkaba #lotus #sacredgeometry #mandala #crystalgrid

#blissedout #protected #blacktourmaline #merkaba #lotus #sacredgeometry #mandala #crystalgrid


I am happy to report that my deck of harmony cards went to print and its coming! 17 cards in all front with a unique intentional crystal grid and the back with a self growth mantra ! I have passed out 250 in orders and on a few tables as promised and am almost completely out of them!

That entire set of cards is available on preorder HERE.  

Those will be out in just a few weeks as well. All preorders will come with a mandala sticker and sacred geo tats. Self publishing is super expensive and I uploaded all of the artwork to redbubble to help offset the costs. I’ve ordered from them to support my girl Mal at WingostarrJewelry ! The products are quality! Check out my SHOP tab for etsy and redbubble items and here is a lil preview of the redbubble jams.

Stay tuned to just more here and you know I OWN this and despite being hacked twice (touche) I just need to work with these tools and survive like businesses used to before the internet. How’s that for a BethKaya Spring Preview? Eh, playing by the rules is boring.

What does this make you feel?

What does this make you feel?

Box By JDrew Carpentry and Photo By BethKaya.

Feel free to always reach out by etsy chat or BethKaya AT Gmail.com

New Things to Look For in my Etsy Shop:

“Lunar Divide” “Crystal Lips ” Awakened Eyes”


✨New Under Eye Oil ✨ #AwakenedEyes #crystalinfused #ByBethKaya "Awake. Shake dreams from your hair My pretty child, my sweet one. Choose the day and choose the sign of your day The day's divinity First thing you see. A vast radiant beach in a cool jeweled moon Couples naked race down by it's quiet side And we laugh like soft, mad children Smug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy The music and voices are all around us. Choose they croon the Ancient Ones The time has come again Choose now, they croon Beneath the moon Beside an ancient lake Enter again the sweet forest Enter the hot dream Come with us Everything is broken up and dances." -The Ghost Song, #TheDoors

✨New Under Eye Oil ✨ #AwakenedEyes #crystalinfused #ByBethKaya “Awake.
Shake dreams from your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one.
Choose the day and choose the sign of your day
The day’s divinity
First thing you see.
A vast radiant beach in a cool jeweled moon
Couples naked race down by it’s quiet side
And we laugh like soft, mad children
Smug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy
The music and voices are all around us.
Choose they croon the Ancient Ones
The time has come again
Choose now, they croon
Beneath the moon
Beside an ancient lake
Enter again the sweet forest
Enter the hot dream
Come with us
Everything is broken up and dances.”
-The Ghost Song, #TheDoors


Valentines – The Stats and A Rosey Collab Offer


So naturally this is the time of year to consider that little romantic holiday. Some suggest it was invented by hallmark to sell cards, but there is obviously a lineage and lore associating in so many ways to different countries and cultures, dating back hundreds of year all over the world for St. Valentines Day. I got a little curious and decided to go on a little internet book report style scavenger hunt. Here are some totally serious and maybe a few BS stats I found from sources that range from CNN to random Joe Smith blogger!

The Stats –

-More than 35 Million Heart Shaped Boxes of Chocolate Will Be Sold For Valentines Day

-Over 110 Million Roses Will be Sold Over the 3 Days That Valentines Day Falls

-Women Purchase 85% of All Valentines

-3% of Pet Owners Will Treat Their Pets On Valentines Day

-In the USA – 65% of Men Do Not Make Valentine’s Day Plans in Advance

– 21 % of Consumers Will Spend $4.8 Billion on Jewelry This Year

– 60% of Valentines Given Are To Family While 20% are Given to Teachers (The Third Highest Group)

-One Third of Valentines Consumers Will Purchase Gifts for Loved Ones From Tablets

-2 Billion Dollars Will be Spent On Candy This Year

-50 Million Dollars Will Be Spend On Jewelry This Year

Speaking such expenditures a few of my fellow conscious energy warriors have pitched in to provide a group special for our shops collectively!


EmmyEffDesigns                 BethKaya                 Wingostarr Jewelry

*Click * Directly on Our Names to Be Directed Straight To Our Etsy shops!

USE CODE :     LOVE2016

Use this code in any of our three shops and you will get $5 off your entire order over $20. **ALSO upon ordering from my shop, if you provide proof of prior purchase from our trio, you will automatically receive a Faithful Grace crystal infused sample fragrance with your order.

So feast your eyes on a romantic preview of seasonal delights any Valentine would be delighted to receive!


Make your own yummy status up this season! Got any fun Valentine’s Day Facts to share? Comment !

Lunar Love, Beth

Listening To:     Zero 7 – I Have Seen

Album – Simple Things (Def Romancin’ Music)

✨Added this #orgonite pendulum to the #bethkaya15k pot – less then 100 people left till there’s a winner!!✨Share this photo or any graphic under that hashtag ✨& Follow Me to Enter to Win This Parcel of 43 priceless #gemstones including sapphire, kyanite, Aqua, topaz, tourmaline, lapis and more as well as this #orgone! ✨ thank you to everyone supporting my journey!! ✨❤️🌻🌌🌊 #giveaway #crystalhealing #crystalinfused #minerala #gemology #energy #love #art #passion #joy


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Gorgeous photo from Bali based metalsmith @gardensofthesun – beautiful bangle she smithed and one of my gem and botanical fragrances. Meri is so talented, she specializes in creating pieces with raw crystals. Check her out! Thanks Meri!!😍💋 #art #design #passion #womeninbusiness


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Really excited to finally receive my crown from @jangaladesigns 😱 isn’t this incredible? Custom made for meeee! I can’t wait for SOUPERGROOVE so I can rock this at its first festival and many more to come! Totally jazzed to have this creation and be part of the Jangala tribe! Check his visionary 3D paint creations and support him! Ahhhh this matches the crystal space cave I’m going to throw down with this weekend! Beyond excited! Hope you all have a fab day! Stay visionary! #art #design #apparel #jangala #crown #glow #crystals #specimen #visionaryart #love #passion


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Design Chops for Miles! Shelli from @capsociety is an incredible designer for life’s events, brands and really anything. Spirit brought this incredible woman into my life in matter and energy in high school back home (MD) like damn 15 years ago. As it were we both ended up on the varsity field hockey team as goalies Silverstein and Goldstein by maiden names. Later we both moved to NYC to pursue design schools in our respective fields and here we are today heading our own Lifestyle brands. She is the reason my brand came to life! After DIY ing my stuff for years I went to her asking for the prom dress my brand really needed. She designed my hallmarks and helped me snap into the suit my work deserved. It was the single most intelligent and impactful decision I have done for my business to date. This epic rant point is that spirit aligns you in your life with people who will push you further in good and bad. This synergy has been so amazing for all of these years so lucky to have your mind to meet on. Please give her a follow – her feed is beautiful, honest and funny which I appreciate madly. Love you sister! #blowme #stationary #art #design #passion #love #capsociety #designninja


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Gah! 😍🔮 Magical #repost photo from @mal_wingostarrjewelry tripping over these photos – give her some love and checkout her blog 🌺🌻 www.wingomal.wix.com/freespiritlove 🔮She takes incredible photos and works right from her heart. 🍀I adore these photos because she literally is another one of my best customers and friends. I have total respect and admiration for anyone who makes their own world come true, Mal is def one of those people. 🌹Thank you and your talented dude for all that you do! 💫 #blog #style #fashion #icon #awakening #spiritstyle #holistic #metaphysical #bodylove #crystalinfused #imagine #art #love #passion #joy !!🔮🌼


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Stayed up till 5 am like a madwoman just lost in my studio creating, labeling, packaging and whatever else! 🙈 New things coming soon! Created these two in one soaps in coconut layer and vanilla beach later which together makes my scent #Surfside – These double layer soaps are a signature style for those who love both of these soaps and need them together in harmony! Also my #Tulsi soaps and salt bathing treatments are back in stock! All three of my Saturday auctions close tomorrow! Don’t forget about the #indieunitedsummer group promotion on BethKaya.com with promos from 30 other artists! Also my #bethkaya15k giveaway is getting closer! Share the graphic under that hashtag to enter to win that amazing 43 piece Crystal #parcel! Lastly poetry slam giveaway #soulspiritgiveaway is still going on – Share that graphic and tell us what connects you to your divine energy. ✨ Sorry for the info barf but lots of fun things going down! Support indie art! #art #design #passion #joy #skincare #holistic #natural #crystalinfused #bybethkaya


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✨It is my great joy to join these two beautiful souls in inviting you to the love & positive intention filled interactive #soulspiritgiveaway for our truest and most loved followers! We want to show you our appreciation and further connect with you! We all 3 connect with our divine energy and spirit through different expressions such as writing, creating, crystals, and meditation. We want to know: how do YOU connect with divine energy and spirit?✨ 💜PRIZES💜 🍃One winner will receive a framed poem from @adelinasarkisyan, a gemstone infused vitality spray in Vanilla Beach from @bethkaya, and a Selenite crystal ball from @emmyeffdesigns.🍃 💜HOW TO ENTER💜 💜)You must follow @adelinasarkisyan, @bethkaya and @emmyeffdesigns 💜)Repost this photo on your own page ONLY ONCE before 7/29 12am est with your answer to the question: “What connects you to divine energy and spirit?” and include hashtag #soulspiritgiveaway in entry post. ✨Ends 7/29; winner will be announced within 24 hours✨ 💜RULES💜 ✨One entry per person ONLY. No private accounts, but you’re welcome to temporarily make your account public for the giveaway period.✨ This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram. Participants must be 18 years or older and it is open to all who follow the rules worldwide. By entering this giveaway you give your complete release, consent to follow rules and agree that there is no association with Instagram. 🌟#goodluck #giveaway #art #poetry #passion #divinity


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