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The Store is Open and We Want To Meet You!


It’s been a great 2 months that we’ve been open. The etsy store is still in full swing and all the new product that BethKaya rolls out with will get split between the store front and the etsy store. So if you are local you can come check out the latest in the line as well as all the new stuff for all the other brands the cove carries and if you are far you can shop etsy! I will also keep adding special intentional sets to etsy that are just exclusively for etsy.


So as we get an idea of what customers are enjoying both online and in the storefront, I am learning about the needs of each person. The single lady, the gym rat fella and the at home mama or papa. These dynamics are important to understanding whats happening and how I can help with the mission I am on. The mission is to connect people with products that are better for you and assist in your overall well being. I seek this for myself and my family.

Good morning from @selfcarecove

Good morning from @selfcarecove

Eventually we will roll out a membership co-operative. I’d like to give wholesale access and some other incentives to those interested in joining the self care cove-op! (Cute isn’t it?) If you’d like a little more info on this subject email me at BETHKAYA AT GMAIL.com Subject: BETA CO OP and we can open up a dialogue.

Also we will have some faces other than Beth behind the counter. I’ll be sharing more info about our friends and team soon!


This season is in full swing with the latest scents at BethKaya and the Cove. Right now I am feeling notes like : Bergamot, Lemon, Guava, Cherry & Tobacco, Mint, Mandarin, Tangerine, Frankincense, Cedar, Coffee, Madagascar Vanilla, Arborvitae and Vetiver. Crystals I am feeling right now: Apatite, Rutilated Quartz, Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine. What are you feeling this season? Comment Below!

Also we have rolled out some pop up services and events at the store – for all of the latest info check out the cove facebook page // events will be listed there and we also have a monthly small business support group that meets monthly where we discuss ideas and projects that are coming to fruition or are in full swing. No project or idea is too small!

Shop the latest BethKaya gear on etsy and stay tuned for more info. We are updating the entire site to include more information about our projects, staff and direction with this fast moving train! Thank you for all the support and love through out the journey!

Smudge Bundle ii




I wrapped up the kiosk this weekend at Jersey Shore Premium outlets. What an experience that was. I really enjoy setting up an installation that is unique to each venue I am at and really each day I am there. I take something away and adjust each time.

There were some moments of conversation that I will bring with more forward forever. A friends father visited the booth for a while and he is undergoing stage IV cancer treatments throughout his body. He was just so happy to be around and grateful through the words he shared. He told me how he had to fly to Georgia alone for his treatments. He wasn’t complaining at all I just remarked “That must be so difficult to do the travel on the heals of everything.” He just looked at me and said ” I have held my dying child, this is nothing, I can do anything.” He meant it. He also remarked “Every morning I look up at the sky and say thank you, cancer changes you, it really does.” So above all that conversation comes with me and helps me ground my gratitude practice.

Incredibly beautiful photo of @faerieblessings in her glory rocking a crystal sphere and orgone point ring I sent her way ⚡️ she is magical!

@faerieblessings “crystal sphere and orgone point ring”

I put some new things up in the etsy shop, some essential oil blends, some candles, new scrubs and new edition soaps perfect for the thick of summer. I am really loving where the shop is headed and how it looks.


It’s been such an evolution. I have some new orgone pieces coming trickling into the shop too and would love for you to check it out and tell me what you think!

There is a black crow perched above me as I take this photo and stare into my own shadow against the panes of my humid house. When the black eyed Susan's bloom a part of my heart explodes a little, every year. The crow nods as if he knows why. . . . . . Orgone Rose necklace strung on blue chalcedony rosary. ⚡️


As a side note I am going to do my final installation of the summer at the SOULSATIONAL WELLNESS festival July 30, 2016. It’s a FREE, all day family friendly event with performers, artists, poets, and wellness centric EVERYTHING! I am so excited ! If you are local please come and stop by!

Incredible photo from @theabsolutebeauty

Incredible photo from @theabsolutebeauty

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Love, Beth

Beth Bath and Beyond


This was a pretty big past few weeks – sorry I haven’t been able to check into the blog as much. Doing a LOT of work on the self – the whole past year being “under the weather” and now being better – able focused – able minded, you emit that. So a lot of crazy change, opportunity and duds have come my way and this is a huge time for me as a business. I am growing and want to do that in all the right ways. I just went to the annual Edison Gem Show – and grabbed some new babies and ran into some familiar faces. My friend Amy from Faerie Blessings was one of those faces! Her daughter called me “Beth Bath and Beyond” – isn’t that adorable? Hence the title! All of those crystals will be rolling out soon. GilmourCrystal

Also that week I went to see David Gilmour at the Garden last week and it was EPIC. I brought some crystals up to the nosebleeds where we were and these crystals and I left super happy and shredded by guitar. Remembering the passing of my dear friend Steve this time and how much he loved Gilmour, sometimes those events become sacraments & passages.


I am in full swing production of my summer collections. I have a lot of exciting vending events coming up in the warmer months and have a little retail spot residency brewing – I will keep you posted on those. Feel free to check out my Events tab on the website to see whats up there.


Moringa Layered

This is a double layer of faithful grace soap and moringa soap – my two shop best sellers, together in harmony. Married by Himalayan Pink salt, Moringa & moonstone – the two contrasting soaps and scents meet up in a beautiful dual purposeful synergy. Use the moringa side for the face and the shea side for body!

surfside There are several “beach tones” also and this scent is one of them but it deserves its own listing. SURFSIDE is warm, with a hint of a madagascar vanilla paired with coconut hues and finished but a burn of copper. I am going to feature products this season with this scent – soaps, scrubs and fragrance solids.


I’m really enjoying the local poetry scene lately with my friends. It’s always a great time to explore your vocabulary and language styling and the stylings of others emotions via their words. Good wholesome, emotional fun! Loving more of a gothic boho look these days too – these leggings under my black on black usual are from FreeSpiritLoveShop by Mallory Wingo. They are slaying it with my beloved combats!

Heres to the onslught of summer! Keep me posted with fun events!


XO Beth

Aquarian Rises – Winter Rituals at BethKaya

Vitality Arsenal - Essential Oil Blend By Vetiver Farms Hawaii, Stones by Wingostarr Jewelry , Gem Roll On Perfume & Orgone By BethKaya, Flower Tincture and Balm by Honest Owl Herbal, Bowls By Intralove Art

Vitality Arsenal – Essential Oil Blend By Vetiver Farms Hawaii, Stones by Wingostarr Jewelry , Gem Roll On Perfume & Orgone By BethKaya, Flower Tincture and Balm by Honest Owl Herbal, Bowls By Intralove Art Solid Lotion Tin By Earth Collective


Getting back into the swing of things, the thick of winter – new structure for the shop. Slowly healing, getting myself back – taking it in stride and pulling all of my newest lessons into view.

Keeping loyal friends, and honest – well makers in my own healing & vitality arsenal. Producing now on a farm to table like scale – every few weeks I am writing a menu of sorts – assessing my herbs and flowers / raw materials and designing these ritual bath hues for you and myself really.

I’ve enjoyed partaking in all of this season’s products as they are developed and truthfully need these nourishment tools. There is nothing in a day that you do solely for yourself but your grooming rituals.

Sometimes those rituals can be the difference between “put together” and “falling apart”. A simple shower in the middle of a crisis, after trauma or whatever can sew a person up – make you anew, almost like a sunrise.

I cling to those moments somedays. Feeling so much, being able to lose myself in a silly little ritual of applying eyeliner or blush. It reboots.

Holding sacred space and crushing external and internal expectations has been paramount to the healing and creative process for me as a person. Especially lately – what things do you do to reboot yourself and set aside a sactuary?

Sacred Loose Smudge Blend

Sacred Loose Smudge Blend – For Cleaning Sacred Spaces and Removing Bad Juju


A lot of my work if you haven’t gathered is centered around these sacred space and self ritual functions. My goal is to make them nourishing and enhanced.

Speaking of enhanced, if you are one of my Portland Oregon friends, please check out my Cannabis Flower & Fig Scents found at FARMA a beautiful luxury recreational and medicinal cannabis boutique. Those hues are unisex and a customer and now FARMA PDX favorite!


Feel free to comment before with your thoughts! Approaching 20K subscriber on Instagram – I think that is just silly and wonderful. Thank you so much whoever is out there for the support.

When I do hit 20K I will be giving this orgone and gemstone parcel away to a lucky following who has shared it with the hashtag #BethKaya20K.

Follow me at @bethkaya on instagram and also @butterflywellnessbeth

Facebook – BethKaya / The Butterfly Wellness Project

#BethKaya20K - Orgone & Gem Parcel Giftback for 20K Subscribers

#BethKaya20K – Orgone & Gem Parcel Giftback for 20K Subscribers


I would love to hear about some of the events you have on tap too this coming spring /summer. Starting to map out my travel / vending routes!

Check out my etsy for new things all the time !


All my love –




Time Rolls On and Healing

"Bloom For Your Conditions, Always"

“Bloom For Your Conditions, Always”


Happy 2016! I am wholly not sure if anyone reads my blog. I chase the digital streets in a lot of corners so who knows where I shed traction or not. Surely the last year has been explosive for my @BethKaya instagram account but I ALSO notice funny things happening with it because of that. I won’t go there but it’s also been a source of new growth.

So I had a gnarly surgery to remove a large mass that grew in my breast and side recently. It is NOT cancer – but it was a 3″ edenoma/fibrocystic/calcium mass that doesn’t exactly scream out “I’m Healthy!” and caused me a lot of infections and discomfort in my muscles and ducts. So it came out and I am recovering OK. It’s been a process I will not lie. My dominant arm was affected by the surgery and that wasn’t exactly anticipated. I’ve had to look at some parts of myself internally and externally and confront those things. The business has been a huge experiment and test as a person, artist, mother, wife and friend. It’s also been a test of balance, of my love for YOU and what I do with intention. It means so much to me, it’s my sacred path. Not everyone gets it, not everyone got it last year – and I experienced losses soley do to misalignment in life path / structure with others and that is OK. We are not all aligned at once, or in the same sequence at the same time. I do believe that our relationships and insights change as we experience life and we are constantly evaluating the worth of things we do and the reward/benefit to doing them.

Photo By Rebecca Tost from @SeedEssentials - "CONNECTION TO SOURCE "

Photo By Rebecca Tost from @SeedEssentials – “CONNECTION TO SOURCE – Father of Earth “- Featuring Sacred Smudge By BethKaya & Twin Selenite Towers


This is all very leveling. I know that as I stare down a road to healing it won’t be overnight. Also – moving ahead I must be even more critical of what goes in my body, just as I am about what goes on it. Everything is sobering and only ads to my resolve. So the shop is closed for a few more days. When I reopen it will flow a little differently. Inventory will be real time and customs will not be offered at the moment. I have a LOT of stock that I made, especially leading up to the procedure. Maybe I had an intuitive hunch after all on my arm but that is where I will lie when I reopen. Premade! I hope you all had a great new year. Setting intentions – healthy healthy is all I can think about right now! Follow along on facebook if you wish – join in the conversation and participation. Lifestyle is everything to vitality! This forum is about sharing, accountability and most of all living well.

Love and Light

Beth XO




?Good Halloween Saturday to You! ??Here is your regularly scheduled Auction. Today’s set is a “Peace Builder” bundle. This set is intended for rebuilding burned bridges, letting go, forgiveness, mending old wounds and extending olive branches.? These auctions have been a way for me to offer you an intentionally paired set for less with the hands of some sport. Thinking about if I will continue with these, my account is experiencing some issues and I am in a bit of a reflective place. Time tells all things! Today’s Bundle Includes:? ?1 – SURFSIDE – Signature Gemstone and Botanical Perfume – Coconutty, Warm, Salty, Unisex – Brings you to an Indian Summer – Paired with Orange #Quartz, #moonstone and Cornflower. 1/3oz Roll On – 96% Natural ?1 – TRUTH – Essential Oil Spray – #Vetiver, Sandalwood & A Few Secrets 100% Natural ? 1 – Dual Layered Soap of My 2 Best Sellers in Loving Harmony – #FAITHFULGRACE & Sacred #Tulsi Salt Soaps 100% Natural? 1 – Citrus Calendula #VEGAN Cold Press Soap 100% Natural? 1 – .Vial of Unrelease (Just made last night) MORINGA Face and Body Polish – WIth Shea and Dea Sea Salts with an Essential Oil Blend that Touches Tones of Stargazers (and will be released Later as a New Scent This Winter ) .7oz 100% Natural? 1 – Nag Champa Lotion Bar 100% Natural ? 1 – #Orgone Tetra – WIth Amethyst Blue Lace Agate CornFlower Quartz Aluminum and More ? 2 – Tumbled Moonstones ? 2 – Raw Strawberry Tourmalines? 2 – Raw Sapphire Kyanites? ⚡️This set is pretty special and the retail hovers at about $125. I’m going to open the biddng at $29 today. (Perfume costs $26!) To Bid: Comment with Your Bid TAG Who You Are Out Butting Winner Pays 6.50 USA S/H and is Rated by weight and zip for international bidders. Auction closes tomorrow 9 pm EST. Thank you for your continued support! Enjoy your day and #goodluck! #auction #bethkayaauctions #parcel Sent from my iPad


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✨Good Saturday Morning to you! ✨It’s time to glow! ☺️ These regular auctions have been going on for almost 2 years now every single Saturday! Not one missed! Thank you so much for making these a success ! ?⚡️Auctions rock – especially curated on your own terms but please, don’t cut and paste my words here. Be your own light! Words are free as a bell! ;)? OK!? This is a brightening and spiritually lifting set! Everything paired here has the intent to rejuvenate and elevate your senses and awareness. ?These sets are a great way to get intentionally bundled goods from BethKaya for less! ⭐️ Today’s Bundle Includes: ?1 – 6oz Tub of AURA #Detox Soaking Bath Crystals ?1 – 2.5oz Slice of #Vegan Cold Press #Soap – Fresh Oranges ?1 – 1/3oz Vial of LUCIDGRACE signature gem and botanical fragrance with Moonstone and Cornflower – Clean, Crisp, Slightly Powdery, Very Light and Fresh version of faithful grace, lighter, purer ?1 – Box of Hem FIRE Incense ?2 – Vials of Mixed Shipwreck #Crystals and #Gems undrilled ?1 – 1/3oz Vial of FOREVER signature #gem and botanical #fragrance with Turquoise & Silver Leaf – Midtone, Citrusy, Unisex, Warm ?1 – #Orgone Cube with Brass, Blue Lace Agate , #Quartz and More can be a small crystal ball holder ?1 – Large Polished Yellow Calcite Heart ?1 – Green Aventurine and Milky Quartz #Orgone Wand Cast ?3 – Tumbled Citrines ?4 – Fluorite #Tetrahedrons ?GREAT bundle here gonna ride at a steal! Bundle Valued at $165. Bidding Opens at $26 (The cost of 1 perfume!) and goes in whole dollar Increments. ?TO BiD: -Comment with your bid -tag who you are outbidding ?Winner Pays $6 Shipping and Handling USA and rated for weight and zipcode for international winners. ? Bidding ends at 9pm EST tomorrow Sunday. #goodluck #bethkayaauctions #parcel #auction #intention #abide


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✨Packing – like all these Rolling Stones – another show tomorrow in Toms River NJ at Open Minded – Please come kick it! Fun stuff going down all day – food , music, cool kids 💎 I’m having a gem show and doing free henna tats! Sending you all tons of love and Caturday night fevah!! #birthdaygirl #artist #gemstones #minerals #polishedgems #tumbledgemstones #quartz #carnelian #calcite #crystalhealing #crystalinfused #bybethkaya


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✨Good Saturday Morning to You!✨ Here is your regular Saturday #auction. These auctions are a way to get an intentionally bundled set of goodies from #BethKaya for less and with some sport! 🌊Today’s bundle focuses on regeneration 🌞and restoration🌙. Scents and Healing properties to restore #energy, #vitality, aide recovery and calm while brightening the #spirit. 🌌 This bundle includes: 🍂1 – Lavender & Sweet Orange 100% Natural Castile Soap Buggy with a Tibetan Quartz in the Center 🍂1 – Box of Sun Cone #Incense (Soapy, Round and Warm Tones) 2 – Mini #BathBombs, Perfect for hand, face or foot soaking – Red is Patchouli & Sweet Orange and the White is #Lavender Sweet Orange – Both with Hops, Guayusa and Shea Butter (all natural as well) 🍂2 – Raw #Crystal Chunks – Menthol #Calcite and Rose #Quartz 🍂1 – Large citrine point 🍂1 – Rectangle #Orgone Talisman with Tibet Quartz and Gold 🍂1 – #Selenite Palm Stone 🍂1 – 2.7oz Bottle of Freshly Made all natural Vetiver scented Liquid Castile soap (I was my hair with this blend sometimes!) with Tibetan Quartz point inside 🍂1 – .8ml sprayer of #Surfside non toxic handmade #perfume spray – unisex Beachy tones 🌾This beautiful #parcel retails for around $85 and bidding opens at ✨$22✨ and goes in whole dollar increments. Winner pays $6 shipping and handling USA and rated by Zipcode for international winners. 🌅 🍄To Bid🌾 ️Comment with Your Bid ️Tag Who You Are Outbidding Bidding Closes Sunday 9pm EST ✨ #goodluck #bethkayaauctions Enjoy today as we slip into change! 🌟


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✨Sending this incredible piece home to meet its keeper✨ One of my most favorites! 🌌 #gemstones #dodecahedron #platonicsolids #crystals #quartz


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