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Indie Art Unity For the Summer – Support Conscious Entrepreneurs & Art


It’s coming towards the thicker of summer. This is the best part. Tis the season ripe for family, R&R, music festivals, picnics, the beach and the culmination of society, current events and the pinnacle of the American beat.

I have met with many of my favorite indie artists and conscious business peers to collaborate on a beautiful series of joint promotions to offer you. Together as creators, we can carve our own initials on the face of every season and bring you cultural temptations to show for it. Enjoy my photo evocations of summer and prose in addition to a series of promotions, I hope you will pay these individuals a visit, follow them on social media and support their taste-making efforts.

*Click on the product photos to be taken to their shops and leave some love in the comments below also feel free to leave your own shop link and a promo in the comments as well to get in on the fun! Also all of the artists promotions can be found using hashtag : #INDIEUNITEDSUMMER on intragram and twitter as we roll out his series! *

Thank you and Enjoy your Summer in The Spirit of Intention and Awakening!



Awake, Alive, Bright & Illuminate

Awake, Alive, Bright & Illuminate



As We Bloom, Blooms Bloom.

As We Bloom, Blooms Bloom.




Reach For Every Vibration, Rise From Rot

Reach For Every Vibration, Rise From Rot



Pillar of Amplification and Beauty That Is Spirit's Language

Pillar of Amplification and Beauty That Is Spirit’s Language



Promises Promises

Promises, Promises



Fly, Fly to The Emerald City Fast As Lightning

Fly, Fly to The Emerald City Fast As Lightning



Sign Up For Deb’s Mailing List HERE: http://eepurl.com/brZRfv


Peace Through Pain Prevails With A Lesson

Peace Through Pain Prevails With A Lesson



Life is Life, Death is Transformation

Life is Life, Death is Transformation



A Moment For Granted Is A Memory Wasted

A Moment For Granted Is A Memory Wasted


Division Of Cells, Division of Bells, Tangerine Ombre

Division Of Cells, Division of Bells, Tangerine Ombre



Work That Is Pleasure Isn't But Work At All

Work That Is Pleasure Isn’t But Work At All



Lending Life for a Slice in Space for Only A Season

Lending Life for a Slice in Space for Only A Season


Velvet Veins Coursing like Unwavering Rice Paper In Summer Breezes

Velvet Veins Coursing like Unwavering Rice Paper In Summer Breezes



Thank you for Enjoying. Please take a moment to visit each artist and seek them out on social media.



Endless Summer,


#HaveAHeart4Gwen Charity Auction – Round 3 – Handmade Artist Healing Lot – Bid Now!!!




Thank you so much for everyone sharing and raising this amazing buzz about a very important cause and for a very important ambassador of that cause! While discussing some of the media I work with – I was mentioning that some of the things I work with are actually pieces that are discarded by other artists in creation of their work. The orgone piece in this auction has clippings of metals from artists Wingostarr Jewelry, Emmy Eff Designs and Shinechaser jewelry. All it takes to make orgone is metal and quartz – so why throw it away if I can use it to make something beautiful? That connected me with this purpose because organ donation is essentially that – upcycling – with parts for people! It’s not waste – it can give someone or something else, life again. Many blessings to the many people supporting this project, every person supporting this deserves a major pat on the back. We’ve officially made some waves and got people thinking about it and acting about it! XOBK

#HaveaHeart4Gwen Auction Lot 3

The winner of this auction lot will receive the following items hand made and donated by:

* Steam Punk Heart Necklace


*Incense Box & Cherry Vanilla Incense


*Soapstone OHM Keepsake Box


– Donated By Open Minded Specialty Shop in Toms River NJ – Beautiful store run by  beautiful team headed by female entrepreneur Jen Schweitzer. Her business is a beautiful community space showcasing local talent and beautiful glassware and gifts. It is a MUST visit when you are down the Shore! (Off Hooper Avenue in Toms River, NJ) @Omsmoke
* Polished Larimar Heart – Donated By Zaraluna.com @Zaralalaluna

Crystals and crystal creations!

*2 Seaglass 4X6” Photograph notecards from the Jersey Shore of Genuine Seaglass Hearts photographed and donated by @twighlightdancedesigns


Unique Art and Seaglass Pieces

*Red Coral Tooth Earrings with Green Aventurine Handmade and Donated By @Rosstacreations

Handmade Jewelry and Art


*Red Coral Chip Heart Tree Necklace in Gold Tone with Long and Lovely Chain Handmade and Donated By @LovelyTwistedWireJewelry


*Heart Button Earrings Hand Made and Donated By @Chimerarielle www.ButtonUpBoutique.Storeenvy.com

Handmade and Donated By @BethKaya


* Soy Wax Hemp Wick Cedar Scented Long Burning (20hr +) Candle 6oz

*Raw Red Jasper Chunk

*Gem and Botanical Roll On Fragrance – Nag Champa & Sandalwood with Jasper and Calendula Flowers

*Orgone Heart Puck – with Mixed Gemstones (IDentified in Packaging) Quartz & Mixed Metals, with a Butterfly Wing

*Selenite Egg & Base – 70mm

*Australian Crystal and Tiffany Blue Seed Bead Bracelet with Vintage Button Closure

*Titanium Quartz Necklace Wire Wrapped in Red Copper on 24” Gunmetal Chain


This series of charity auctions is to raise awareness and support for organ donation as well as to cancer survivor and heart recipient Gwendolyn Westlund.

All of the proceeds after shipping will go towards her fund. Please read more about her courageous story as well as her own efforts to bring cheer and hope into the lives of others.

To follow Gwen’s story – and support her ambassador work please follow her page


and if you want to cut the game out and donate directly to her fund here is her support page


Thank you so much! Happy Bidding and Good Luck! Help Me Make this First Rodeo Fly!

Closeups of the pieces and descriptions are in the listing copy! Click on the link!

Please Visit Their Shops and Take a Look!

****If you would like to make a lump sum donation in the amount of $150.00 for this item – you can override the auction by messaging me that you would like to make the donation and I will set up a”buy it now” option for you to take it home. Your entire donation will be forwarded to the Giving for Gwendolyn fund!  Best of Luck!

Auction winner will receive EVERY item in the photos.

There are more auctions coming with more artists so stay tuned.

Thank you for your support!

Give someone a second chance at life! Be a Donor! This lovely set is made up of handmade and donated items from all of the artists and shops listed above. Please browse through all of the photos for close ups and message me for any questions .

Blessings – Beth


This Auction Was Sponsored By Artists:

Please Visit Their Shops:


Open Minded Smoke & Specialty – Toms River, NJ


Twighlight Dance Designs


Chimerariella – ButtonUp @ StoreEnvy

Lovely Twisted Wire