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BethKaya Candy – Spring/Summer Etsy Update


Fresh off my sister’s wedding, spring is folding through and summer will be here soon enough. I listed some things over the weekend and some items just flew out like these orgone on rosary gemstone chains. Good thing I stopped into a quaint little bead shop in Richmond VA on my travels to grab more and I will release those soon. But there are awesome restocks of various new spins on soaps for the season all with a crystal inside in new scents and old formulations you have loved. Thank you to my customers for  your beautiful reviews! That does a lot of the talking, just like your smile and skin! Love to you! Beth  www.bethkaya.etsy.com UPDATE


Signature Orgone Gem Points on Rosary Gem Necklaces


Ubtan Carnelian Sandalwood Soaps with 22kt Mica and Sandalwood Powder

moringa and java

Shea, Java, Moringa and Jet Soaps with Himalayan Salt and Espresso in the Hue of Teak

BethKaya Harmony Cards are In!



Be sure to check out that TAB on my site brand new up in the navigation drop down on BethKaya Boutique! Tweaks all over!
If you find the cards in your order or purchase and post them on social media use hashtag #BethKayaHarmonyCards so I can see!

Harmony Card Project

Also this album tho –
I mean – I can’t say anything else, this is just, life right now!



Harmony Project – Spirit Recess & BethKaya Update for January 2016



2015 has been incredible – in a lot of facets. I think about where I was a year ago and who I was. Maybe I was kinder but also very vulnerable. That vulnerability both built and burnt me. Letting people into my work helped to push this medium and message into light while also allowing challengers into my path. This was a year of cutting through emotional vines, social vampires and committing to my job as I create it here before you. My journey through healing powers the art that I create and with that offers something to you, somewhere. I have been practicing with crystal grids for years. It started as simply collecting crystals, cleansing them and arranging them. Now this has developed into a healing medium for me in several ways. Arranging these things immediately calms and soothes the soul. Working through patterns whether you are drawing or arranging helps the mind process subconscious things floating in our auric spaces. This can be a form of channeling or meditation for many and it takes no skill level to begin. Sacred Geometry is a heavy element to my work because I believe once you understand how these shapes apply to life and spirit – a lot begins to unfold spiritually and make sense. It’s a path like any band you adore. You buy the first CD and are hooked, you move through the body of work because of your appreciation for where the medium brings you. Sacred Geometry is a lot like that. Dig for yourself, so much unfolds – it’s a personal journey!

I created a series of manifestation / mantra cards. Presently you can only get them inside of orders from my etsy shop, for a limited time beginning in 2016 when I reopen. These cards are personally made grids, with their intention on the other side. Eventually they will be  deck if you collect them all.

Harmony Card 1

Harmony Grid 1 – Flower of Life

“I am equipped, protected and loved. Everything I need is inside of me and is my choice to harness.”

I also mentioned the etsy shop being closed. Yes, I had to close my etsy shop for a little while. Also for the first time in 2 years I couldn’t offer a Saturday auction on instagram. I’ve hinted at some things being out of balance with my health. It’s a huge part of where my business has headed under the butterfly wellness project. In a few days I am having surgery to remove a mystery mass in my breast. I’ve been suffering from recurring infections and hormonal issues/symptoms as a result of this mass and others. It will be removed, tested and I’m sure be just a blip on my radar of life but I need to take a break and heal.

I will keep you posted on how things go – I’ve tried push through the last year of issues but I truthfully am tired and need the energy and positive thinking more then ever. Thank you again for your support and love – happy new year, cheers to health.

Thank you all for supporting my journey and the business this holiday season. I sincerely appreciate it and hope to be back in full action come mid January with more surprises and I can begin to put these harmony cards into packages. I created a line of merchandise with these grids as well with the help of REDBUBBLE. This will help me continue to offer you some of my projects in the mean time with their team on top of these orders. Their quality is amazing – my friend Mallory from Wingostarr jewelry offers her meditations on redbubble too and I really enjoy the quality of these products. Happy New Year, I will keep you posted and sharing that goodness. XO

Love, Beth

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*The first two Harmony Cards Branded On Merchandise can be purchased if you click on the thumbnails below.

My RedBubble Portfolio:






Holiday Wishes and Thanks From BethKaya


Sending this #orgone set to a very special person to my heart and spiritual development. Made this special hosting grid for them too. The intention behind this set is Space, Gravity, New Moon, Orbits, Transits, Wrathful Transformation, Nodding Ancestors, Throat, Root and Sacral Chakric Balance. ⚡️ #metaphysical #crystals #crystalinfused #crystalhealing #orgonite #transmutation #allone “Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the Weather.” -Bill Hicks (on truth reporting re: psychedelics)The holiday rush is almost over. In the New Year I have a lot of plans for my business. Changes in how I sell, efficiency and more attention to my family, self and light practice afoot! I hope you all take time to enjoy what’s so very fleeting and get into the spirit of the season a bit! Thank you all for supporting my business and the various projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on. (The Charity Prom, Lightworker Shopping Event, Wellness Giveaway, Handmade Holiday Vibes Group, The Butterfly Wellness Project and More) . It’s a pleasure to serve the community by sprinkling a little magic around! Happy Holidays from BethKaya Design! Sending you all abundance and the manifestation of your goals! Holiday Wishes and Thanks From BethKaya




Intention Setting Through Gemstones, Natural Beauty and Perfumes



Taking back the blog after dedicating it to the charity fundraiser we did for “Giving for Gwendolyn”. This has been an incredible year of transformation and growth for me as a person, spiritualist and artist. Collaborating with other artists and making new friends has been incredible. The new circles of energy I find myself thriving among has awakened certain sensibilities about my work that I had moved away from. When I moved into my first apartment I was 17. I had a full time job and budding career already. It was at this time that I visited a farm that was locally producing natural body products and goods – Terra Essentials. I walked through the shop and was accosted by the owner. She started to introduce me to her line and asked me some questions about the products I was currently using in my shower and home. She started to shoot some very serious holes in those products identifying the toxins I was unknowingly exposing myself to. Nuerotoxins, Carcinogens, Petro Chemicals and More – All of which were making their way down my drains and into water sources. No Bueno. After this visit I went home and took a look around my home and realized I had a big, costly problem. Most of the products I was using came from the dollar store. There is nothing, virtually nothing good for you or your body from the dollar store. That was a problem. I was on a fierce budget.

Post Pardom Floral Sitz Bath Making its way to a special lady about to pop and a few extras I prepared about to hit the etsy shop ❤️mama comes first ❤️

So that’s when my journey to create “better-for-me” bath and body goods began. I began with buying basic raw ingredients and replacing things one by one. I used recipes from websites, and trusted sources for cleaning product that actually did the job better then the toxic products I was using from the dollar store. A little orange peel, vinegar and lavender essential oils goes the distance when brewed right!

A few years into these practices my tried and true recipes began to emerge. They are recipes I took with me to NYC and sort of fell into just a personal hobby instead of anything I thought to offer to my current Jewelry customers.

I have always had a profound connection to ancient culture and gemstones. I’m not sure why, but it’s something I remember being totally engrossed in while I was young with a side interest in space. At one point I remember wanting to be an archaeologist, a gemologist and an astronaut all at once when I grew up. Somehow, despite being none of those things now, I don’t feel as though I fell to terribly far from that path. In fact, I was intention setting and didn’t even realize it!

After leaving the corporate marketing world post the birth of my son – I thought it was high time I invested myself into my jewelry full time. It had always been a sidebar goal, something the career lent the means to the ends for but since I left that behind I wanted to emerge with the design skillet I’d honed for the last decade and studied in college. Jewelry is among the oldest forms of adornment and display status. Gemstones, fit right in there equally and with perfection. It seemed like my path was on. What I didn’t realize was that while I had been on a path I was SO SURE about, the real path came into development and it’s much more then jewelry.

Photo By BethKaya Brand Designer Shelli Martinez, Capital Society

Sacred Salt Bath Soak, Sea Clay Hemp Soap, Gemstone and Botanical Infused Roll On Perfumes*

I started developing perfumes along the road here for myself in addition to the natural products I was making to use in my home. With a large organic garden and growing experience with essential oils and tinctures, it seemed like a natural progression for my “better-for-me” journey. Most commercial perfumes and scented products, I cannot tolerate anymore. Headaches, Skin Reactions and the like are not things I will compromise on for beauty. Working with a close chemist friend of mine – the perfume formulas took almost 2 years to get perfect. Now, paired with gemstones, our botanical elements and blended with intent, they have pushed themselves into the forefront of my design work because they are loved dearly but those who wear them.

So here I am now, experiencing this major revolution once again. The products I use for myself, for beauty and sacred spirit are available to you in small batches and infused with gemstone energy, botanical essences and the purest of intentions.

Best Selling Scent, "Faithful Grace"

Best Selling Scent, “Faithful Grace”

My jewelry work is going to take a back seat to the center stage here. I will still be doing custom engraved works and custom energy pieces and will always. I believe in wearing mantras and special tokens but going forward, I want to devote my body of work to the spiritual journey I have been on for a long time. I want to showcase the powers of intuition and creativity “BethKaya” possess and offer the highest quality goods and spiritual services to you in service to the great spirit and the light.  I proudly am a newly ordained “priestess” and have been discovering new ways to integrate spiritual living, ceremonial rituals and gem energy into every day life thus giving way to the tag line:

“Spirited and Holistic Gemstone & Botanical Infused Works and Services From The Heart”

What is setting intent?

Intention setting is Meditating or Channeling a spirit guide, or asking your higher self and guides for specific things and sourcing vibrational energy to support that goal! Try it!

Loose Sacred Smudge Mix

Loose Sacred Smudge Mix

Enjoy the heat of winter! Reflect, Journal, Create and Set Intent!



*Photo By BethKaya Brand Designer Shelli Martinez, Capital Society (Click)


Indian Summer


Forever Bloom

Cherishing the warmer days as we cringe into the colder months. The flowers around here are still blooming and the tomatoes are winding down. Harvesting the last of the ripest petals and preserving them for my work. Continuing experimentation with Orgone device making out of my flowers, recycled metals from myself and some of my jewelry friends along with gemstone blessings. They are coming out really unique but resin is tough stuff, for me at least.

Continuing forward with my perfumes. I am just dizzy in love with this venture. Others are too, which is both wonderful and a little scary dually. I am seeing a lot of other designers pick this concept up to my dismay. I have to just be positive and hope that my unique and original light shines through this. I did a lot of research before I registered the copyrights for this presentation – Gems and Botanicals paired with Fragrance in a Roll On bottle. I was the first to do it – in this format. So here we are half a year from the official roll out (Despite releasing trials for the last two years) and now I am seeing them crop up everywhere. I suppose imitation is flattery? *sigh*

Here’s the master note list:


Copyright Protected Yo!

The one true thing that we do have in our corner is that copyright, first in line trademarking and my wonderful nose.

The Nose KNOWS! No one can take my special senses from me that allow me to create these explorations and celebrations of the senses! So I have updated the master note list once again just in time to start thinking about loved ones for the holidays!

*whistle whistle* Get a load of this beauty modeling some amazing pieces! Thanks for this feature Mal!

Photo Credit – Jay – Wingostarr Jewelry
Beautiful Mallory Models Designs from BethKaya (ring) Emmy Eff (Arm Cuff) XiolaBlueFox (Earrings)


As for more experiments – I hosted my very first customer appreciation day on instagram yesterday and it went really amazing. A lot of my customers LOVE to share photos of their pieces they recieve from me. It not only supports me through digital word of mouth marketing but I have these beautiful photos! So I shared collages and special out takes along with a giveaway contest and some other fun things. I want to do this regularly! I loved the (+) buzz sharing my gratitude dug up! It’s hard not to shout it from the rooftops when you have SUCH amazing customers and connections brewing all the time.


BK in Crystal Wreathe


In other lightwork news, we are an official sponsor of the #90daysofmindfulness challenge on IG and Facebook – look it up, join – pick something in your life to be mindful of. My challenge is #selflove. I am my worst critic so my goal is to pay attention to that. To be mindful of myself, the way I show my love for myself and others as well as make sure I am doing my own thing and not worrying about those copiers we mentioned earlier! Self Love can be work! You have to step over certain feelings, chores or work to just give yourself the nourishment you really need. What are you going to pick for your #90daysofmindfulness? Comment below!

Keep tuning in on social media to see what we are getting involved with. My number one objective this winter is to keep designing and partnering with causes and artists I adore. So get in on some of that action!


Lastly there is a WONDERFUL contest I’m a co sponsor for on instagram ending 10/24
Look that up too! TONS of loot, perfumes from me – necklace from my girl Mal from Wingostarr Jewelry, Hmong Tribe Cushion Cover from Addicted to Happy, Lip Honey Scrub and Coconut Milk Bath by Cocolust, Meditation book by Positive Peeps and GEMS! All you have to do to enter is follow us and share on Instagram!!!

How rad is it to get to work with such amazing people all the time!? We are GLOBAL baby!



” I Am But An Instrument…” Welcoming Brianne :)

I keep hearing that in my head as the rest of my days go by…..In my meditations, my daily visits to the ocean’s shores….  “You are the instrument”… I know.
I can feel it.

I am an artist. I was born an artist. I came from 2 people who sewed clothing, wired circuit boards, and designed radar for a living. I’ve wanted to create things since I can remember. My mother was a master seamstress, my father a patent-holding engineer that designed the radar for the current machines that fly for our wars as well as a master woodworker. My parents could respectively sew you a wardrobe and construct a house with their eyes closed…

My mother’s past is one full of ancient Italian  female mystics and healers,”Strega Nonnas” if you will. My father’s past is full of architects, travelers, and music lovers….

From them, came myself, and my 5 siblings.

I grew up living in an atmosphere of creative people, people always making things, constructing cabinets, canning food, eating tofu and sprouts. I was always that weird kid that brought the tofu dogs to cookouts. The weird kid that took “weird” as the highest compliment. The weird kid that saw HAIR in 7th grade and realized it was ok to be an adult freak just as long as you don’t hurt anybody…(“And remember kids, I am your friend…”)..School just never felt like a good fit, I have felt since a young child that could never be taught art. Forever the frugal, I saved my parents (and myself) the money and dropped out after 1 semester of community college…from there on out, I took on the road, and learning on my own. I lived in tie dye workrooms and studio shops, I criss crossed the country selling my handsewn patchwork at musical events, I taught myself digital graphic design…I’ve had a few adventures that would make a good book. For that I am grateful… Live music has always been the center of my universe. It became more so when I met my husband, who plays guitar full time. 15 years later, we have 2 wonderful children and we still live by the beach. My life’s path has been full of twists, turns, and a few holes, but it seems to be the foundation for the strength of how solid the road is right now. A life threatening illness took my life and shook it around recently- throwing me out like dice in a Yahtzee game. Everything I had known as stability in my life was put on the line, and I paid dearly for the life I have now- but all I really need is my family close, and my peace of being an artist….full time. To be that instrument all of the time.  I’m finding this new life of solitude and stay at home motherhood again, with a strong emphasis on making art every day despite my physical limits due to my illness. My art has exploded into the potential I held back as I put myself on hold for a conventional “boss” in recent past..(I am and never have been a fan of bosses!)
I am healing myself through my art, one day at a time. My husband and children are my unwavering support system. This involves hours of painting, drawing, sculpture and sea glass, beach combing, glue, sparkles, color and anything I can get my hands on. Never before have I been able to create so freely. With this comes a life that depends on the art to make the money, but it doesn’t matter so much anymore these days. I am but an instrument. And that is the greatest gift I have been given as the beginning of my new life.
My current path of being an artist these days isn’t about creating a label, or everyone knowing my name, but more of my life’s purpose bringing art to the surface of this earth. Art is the great healer.

website: www.twilightdance.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/twilightdancedesigns
etsy: www.twilightdance.etsy.com

Note From Editor –

Following Brianne’s work over the years has constantly inspired and driven me to be a better artist and one humble to the spirit force behind it. It’s pretty clear that Brianne’s channel is a mystical and illuminated place. I am so honored to have her share her stories and words with us. She will help carry the message of spirit and artistic culture intertwining like we enforce in our label. Brianne is DEEPLY connected, humble and rooted in her passion. We can’t wait for more!

– Beth


Sacred Living


When a good friend reccomended that I check out an online learning collective – I took a quick shake of a look and dismissed the venue like many other venues of online learning that have so been recommended by many a friend. I did some how manage to subscribe to their mailing list and after a few months an email landed in my vision path entitlted “Sacred Geometry…”. I’ve always been really curious about it, and have long admired legendary works of Alex Gray – but really, I had no clue WHAT sacred geometry really was. After some consideration and husband campaigning I signed up for the 6 week, online interactive.

The first sunday I set myself up in my serene bedroom. The husband and child were outside in the garden – the birds were chattering away in the background. I went to college at FIT – and we were beginning to get into online education tools but I’ve never been to class online before. Little did I know that regardless of what the lecture was about – I decided to open the channel for new waves of thinking.  The lecture covered basic principals – the root 5 rectangle and some sacred geographic spots – but really what the course served is a spark to my own quest for more knowledge. What very serious systems of the universe, ourselves, life and consciousness am I MISSING?

To be honest – things had been really tough since Hurricane Sandy. I like many other people here at the Jersey Shore have been really unsettled and curious. Everything has suffered as a result of this new terrain and my inability to adapt to life now, in my home, my marriage, my inner conflicts.

No kidding right? Hurricane Sandy was a perfect Fibonacci Sequence.

What’s that you ask?

Well – the answer lies in sacred geometry.

I can’t explain light years of information in one little vapid hole in digital space and time – but what I can ask you to do is seek for yourself.

Over the course of the next 5 Sundays I learned about sacred resonances, ancient abandoned systems of measurement that are completely accurate in today’s world, how to do sacred constructions (constructions that civilizations hundreds of thousands of years ago were doing) and I learned how with a simple ratio – the order of life, the world and the universe is explained and decoded.

Heavy shit right?

You bet it is! My mind literally turns inside of itself when I practice sacred geometry to ruminate on the possibility of an actual explanation to everything, EVERYTHING as we know it. Is that not exciting to you? The promise of something you can actually wrap your head completely around – if you are a math person or not.

The other part of this that I have to mention – and also why things aren’t rapidly appearing in my shop like they used to.

I’m taking time out – as displayed by this to work on myself, before I can feel clear to offer my work to you.

What I mean by that is – I want to be working for a sacred purpose and I want to make sure I know what that purpose is. It’s been communicated to me and also just witnessed that everyone seems to have this hustle. My work is not about a hustle and as it becomes one I become less engaged with it. So honoring this mission in the last 7 months I’ve taken a few vows –

to work on others, through working on myself,

to honor my past and clear any cobwebs preventing me from what I truly want

and to reconnect with my purpose, my family and NATURE.

Here is the part of the blog where I shout out – and I tend to do that because I do not believe much growth is achieved alone.

There are PEOPLE behind my life that are helping to mold me into my sacred work and purpose.

This time I’m going to mention just 2 but I have a few more waiting in the wings for the next go at “blog”.

Lisa Fogarty Kasczynski- I have a whole blog dedicated to her and the GORUCK Experience – but I need to express how much her mentorship has meant to me with my fitness quest over the last 6 months. She gets it done – bottom line with a great big thousand kilowatt smile. If she can convince me pushing a couch up 2 flights of stairs and making mud angels on NYC soil while being crowd surfed on is a good time, I got gotta hand it to her. More on this later…

Brett Joseph – This guy has popped in and out of my life, almost like an roadsign. He practices an ancient form of astrology mixed with several time honored modalities to help you get some perspective and further intuition of the purpose in your tasks and events. Like usual he stepped back into my life where I expertly needed him and I cannot express enough to anyone looking for some road signs to reach out to him for this. His services are well worth the money and hell, cheaper than therapy with much much more to gain. Ideas, Strategies, Songs Stuck in your head – reach out and get your chart done, serious game changer there – morethanastrology@gmail.com

OK so Sacred Living – thats it more yoga, more nature, more VILLAGE and more FAMILY. Excited always about the journey, it is such a journey.

Here are some constructions I did in the wee hours of the night, snuggling with my compass –

Seed Of Life

Seed Of Life

Flower Of Life

Flower Of Life




Metatron’s Cube