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Happy 1 Year Insta Auctions!


Good Saturday Morning to you! 🙏 This is your regular Saturday Auction! ✨ These auctions are a way to get an intentionally paired bundle from #BethKaya for less and at the hand of a little sport.  Today's Bundle is Paired with the intention of Renewal, Self Confidence, Overcoming Hurdles and Determination and Includes: 🌐 1 oz Vegan #Crystal Infused Matcha Tea All Purpose Vitality Balm 🌐 1 Wooden Hawaiian Stick Pencil 🌐 1 Tube of Sacred #Detox Salt and Clay Bath Soak 🌐 2 Foraged Eastern Red #Cedar Heartwood Splits 🌐 1 Rough Black #Tourmaline Chunk 🌐 1 Rough Lapis Slice 🌐 1 #Pyrite #Druzy Chunk 🌐 2 Rough #Chalcopyrite Chunks 🌐 2 Rough #Emeralds 🌐 2 #Kyanite #Sapphire Pieces 🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿🌾🌿 Beautiful collection resting on one of my favorite Vinyls (#thewall NFS) 😍 To Play: 💫Comment With Your Bid 💫Tag Who You Are Outbidding 💫Bid in Whole Dollar Increments  Winner Pays $6.00 USA shipping and handling and $16 International Anywhere. 🌿Bidding Opens at $12 (Retail $60) - Auction ends Sunday (Tomorrow) at 9pm EST. Serious bidders only! 👌#goodluck #goodvibes #bethkayaauction #gemstones #minerals #bodycare #skincare #vegan #natural #holistic #auction #crystals #crystalinfused #crystalhealing #pinkfloydSo in case you don’t know, every Saturday *AROUND* 11:30am (Usually when I come to after a long night of working, I push it on Fridays) I currate an auction on Instagram @BETHKAYA. These are intentionally bundled goodies that I put together and my lovely Instagrammers have a shot to bid for them. Well we are a bit over the one year mark on these auctions and they have been a HUGE success. Every single one has sold, and gone to completely loving hands. They usually end a bit lower then the retail cost of the bundles so that gives people some access to some of these products for less and it’s just fun. There’s loads of people on Insta doing it too! Exploring photography and the platform for different things. I hope to continue to create these fun things and hope they are received just as lovingly! Thank you to my instagram audience for helping to make them a total success! (This one closes at 9PM EST Sunday! )

Happy Birthday #BethKayaAuctions (If you search that tag you can see some of the auctions I’ve done over the last year!)

My Heart, Beth



Branding a Mystic – Keeping Spirit Aligned with Business and Success


Lovingly Preserved #homegrown #organic #flowers #orgonite

The climate as a business woman and a “mystic” is a very tough one to navigate sometimes. There is a practice you are forming, rooted in service, light, artistry and spirit. You wish to make this practice a sustainable life path but fear several things, most of all you fear losing your spirit within the sharky cut-throat business arena. You worry that your sacred message will not translate or become lost in the wash of business jargon and know how. Sound familiar?

These fears are grade a typical light work business fears and they are pretty warranted. As a business owner you need to be a one stop shop unless you want to hire out a ton of vendors.

You’ll still have to do that don’t worry but you CAN create the roots and master plans for your light business on your own and keep it in tact while designing a formidable marketing strategy and business plan.

1) Decide On Your Business Goals

They key for both is to illuminate your point of view (POV) and create an impact with that unique vision of yours and push it onto the plate of the audience that wants your special line of work for their life. Where is there a need in the world for you and how can you fill it?

2) Learn About Your Potential Customers

Time to really get thinking about THAT PERSON. Who are they? What do they like about your point of view? How old are they? Where do they hang out? Where do they shop? How do they relax There are tons of questions to think about but the goal is to get inside the mind of the person who wants to utilize your light-practice. Do the homework! Ask the questions, write out the answers and then create a master list of adjectives. This list is ALL of the adjectives your audiences possesses. Are they Dreamers? Are they Moms? Are they homesteaders? Create this master list. Bring yourself into their world so you can bring them effectively into yours.


As she blooms, those blooms, bloom.

3.) Get On Board With Branding

It’s time to bring these concepts to life. That is where the visual brand becomes so important. This part scares a lot of people off when it pertains to light-work. There’s this air in some that feels like it’s devaluing the spirituality or authentic love bring harnessed from your practice if it becomes a on the books brand, with recognition and taxes to pay. That’s just not true. It certainly can fly right off track if your ego is getting in the way of your message but truth be told – this is about sustainability. If you want to make a LIFE for yourself that is rooted in your way of living and spirituality, then you need to be able to plant sustainable roots and grow something that will produce fruit. If you are OK with this just being a sidebar, and having another means to an ends, then that’s perfectly ok. This blog is for the Maverick who believes they can fuse it together and make it work for your life.

Not everyone has amazing graphic chops, I certainly don’t. Here is where I suggest finding a designer that communicates with you as an artist and have them help you create the visual ID for your spirit brand. Etsy has a ton of designers! (I also always recommend my brand maven, Shelli Martinez from Capitol Society.) Communicate with this person the message and purpose to your work. Talk to them about the colors that arouse the psychology of your work. Research those! Then together develop the visual hallmarks to your business. This hallmark or logo will become the visual ID for everything you do. You’d better love it!

4.) Get Your Social Media Game On

The real the launch pad (aside from incorporating and all that fun stuff which is another blog for another day) is aligning your social media to draw in and echo the point of view and special voice you are trying to get out there. Use hashtags to draw those in you want precisely what you have!  If you are doing body work – then #massage would be something you certainly want on your photos. Don’t go hashtag crazy but don’t ignore one of the best modern promotional digital card catalogs there is! It’s powerful! Make sure all of the social media platforms you use are cohesive, stick to content that suits your audience and speaks to the emotion you are wishing to evoke within your special followers. Keep it linear and clean, but authentic. Water it like a little seed! The more love you put in, the more it will grow!

Stay The Course!

There always will be people who don’t believe in associating with marketing terms like “branding” – but realizing how important the brand is to your path is crucial to forming a lasting and fruitful business that is rooted in your way of life! That’s the root of what a lifestyle brand is!  It doesn’t make you any less of a mystic or lightworker because of someone else’s righteous opinion about this. Also haters come with growth, it’s just a sad fact. Learn to shirk them effectively and with grace. This is a skill I am still honing. For every 100 people who offer me the kindest praises, there is always someone who will have something critical or harsh to say. This is your boat to sail! Leave them behind in grace and compassion.

It's official! Finally! My garden is coming back for you!! #nofilter #crocus #mysecretgarden

I will focus more in depth on some of these concepts in some future installments. If you are still spinning wheels and need help ASAP – check out my consulting services and perhaps we can make an appointment to solve some basic hiccups getting you started on the road to your own sacred path!

Most Of All..

Don’t forget why you started this. Keep your daily gratitude up high. Speak out to your guides and tell them how awesome they are for helping you raise your vibration and welcome abundance into your life and business. This is paramount! Draw in the energy you are putting out!

Talk to me in the comments below about some of the struggles you may have had getting your spiritual path to a sustainable place.
As Always – My Heart,





Holistically Delicious – Customer Love – Beautiful Photos of BethKaya Goods


Here is your next installment of photos from my lovely supporters. It means everything that you take the time to do these shout outs! Beautiful photos!


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