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Indie Art Unity For the Summer – Support Conscious Entrepreneurs & Art


It’s coming towards the thicker of summer. This is the best part. Tis the season ripe for family, R&R, music festivals, picnics, the beach and the culmination of society, current events and the pinnacle of the American beat.

I have met with many of my favorite indie artists and conscious business peers to collaborate on a beautiful series of joint promotions to offer you. Together as creators, we can carve our own initials on the face of every season and bring you cultural temptations to show for it. Enjoy my photo evocations of summer and prose in addition to a series of promotions, I hope you will pay these individuals a visit, follow them on social media and support their taste-making efforts.

*Click on the product photos to be taken to their shops and leave some love in the comments below also feel free to leave your own shop link and a promo in the comments as well to get in on the fun! Also all of the artists promotions can be found using hashtag : #INDIEUNITEDSUMMER on intragram and twitter as we roll out his series! *

Thank you and Enjoy your Summer in The Spirit of Intention and Awakening!



Awake, Alive, Bright & Illuminate

Awake, Alive, Bright & Illuminate



As We Bloom, Blooms Bloom.

As We Bloom, Blooms Bloom.




Reach For Every Vibration, Rise From Rot

Reach For Every Vibration, Rise From Rot



Pillar of Amplification and Beauty That Is Spirit's Language

Pillar of Amplification and Beauty That Is Spirit’s Language



Promises Promises

Promises, Promises



Fly, Fly to The Emerald City Fast As Lightning

Fly, Fly to The Emerald City Fast As Lightning



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Peace Through Pain Prevails With A Lesson

Peace Through Pain Prevails With A Lesson



Life is Life, Death is Transformation

Life is Life, Death is Transformation



A Moment For Granted Is A Memory Wasted

A Moment For Granted Is A Memory Wasted


Division Of Cells, Division of Bells, Tangerine Ombre

Division Of Cells, Division of Bells, Tangerine Ombre



Work That Is Pleasure Isn't But Work At All

Work That Is Pleasure Isn’t But Work At All



Lending Life for a Slice in Space for Only A Season

Lending Life for a Slice in Space for Only A Season


Velvet Veins Coursing like Unwavering Rice Paper In Summer Breezes

Velvet Veins Coursing like Unwavering Rice Paper In Summer Breezes



Thank you for Enjoying. Please take a moment to visit each artist and seek them out on social media.



Endless Summer,


Indian Summer


Forever Bloom

Cherishing the warmer days as we cringe into the colder months. The flowers around here are still blooming and the tomatoes are winding down. Harvesting the last of the ripest petals and preserving them for my work. Continuing experimentation with Orgone device making out of my flowers, recycled metals from myself and some of my jewelry friends along with gemstone blessings. They are coming out really unique but resin is tough stuff, for me at least.

Continuing forward with my perfumes. I am just dizzy in love with this venture. Others are too, which is both wonderful and a little scary dually. I am seeing a lot of other designers pick this concept up to my dismay. I have to just be positive and hope that my unique and original light shines through this. I did a lot of research before I registered the copyrights for this presentation – Gems and Botanicals paired with Fragrance in a Roll On bottle. I was the first to do it – in this format. So here we are half a year from the official roll out (Despite releasing trials for the last two years) and now I am seeing them crop up everywhere. I suppose imitation is flattery? *sigh*

Here’s the master note list:


Copyright Protected Yo!

The one true thing that we do have in our corner is that copyright, first in line trademarking and my wonderful nose.

The Nose KNOWS! No one can take my special senses from me that allow me to create these explorations and celebrations of the senses! So I have updated the master note list once again just in time to start thinking about loved ones for the holidays!

*whistle whistle* Get a load of this beauty modeling some amazing pieces! Thanks for this feature Mal!

Photo Credit – Jay – Wingostarr Jewelry
Beautiful Mallory Models Designs from BethKaya (ring) Emmy Eff (Arm Cuff) XiolaBlueFox (Earrings)


As for more experiments – I hosted my very first customer appreciation day on instagram yesterday and it went really amazing. A lot of my customers LOVE to share photos of their pieces they recieve from me. It not only supports me through digital word of mouth marketing but I have these beautiful photos! So I shared collages and special out takes along with a giveaway contest and some other fun things. I want to do this regularly! I loved the (+) buzz sharing my gratitude dug up! It’s hard not to shout it from the rooftops when you have SUCH amazing customers and connections brewing all the time.


BK in Crystal Wreathe


In other lightwork news, we are an official sponsor of the #90daysofmindfulness challenge on IG and Facebook – look it up, join – pick something in your life to be mindful of. My challenge is #selflove. I am my worst critic so my goal is to pay attention to that. To be mindful of myself, the way I show my love for myself and others as well as make sure I am doing my own thing and not worrying about those copiers we mentioned earlier! Self Love can be work! You have to step over certain feelings, chores or work to just give yourself the nourishment you really need. What are you going to pick for your #90daysofmindfulness? Comment below!

Keep tuning in on social media to see what we are getting involved with. My number one objective this winter is to keep designing and partnering with causes and artists I adore. So get in on some of that action!


Lastly there is a WONDERFUL contest I’m a co sponsor for on instagram ending 10/24
Look that up too! TONS of loot, perfumes from me – necklace from my girl Mal from Wingostarr Jewelry, Hmong Tribe Cushion Cover from Addicted to Happy, Lip Honey Scrub and Coconut Milk Bath by Cocolust, Meditation book by Positive Peeps and GEMS! All you have to do to enter is follow us and share on Instagram!!!

How rad is it to get to work with such amazing people all the time!? We are GLOBAL baby!