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Summer is Winding Down According to Some

Family Day #mantalokingbeach

Family Day #mantalokingbeach

Not here! We are just heating up! I haven’t blogged in a while – I’ve been trying to focus on the VIP email list content. If you haven’t signed up yet – you can do so below!


So if you follow us on social media you see a lot of changes we are going through as a business. For one I keep saying WE – yes we- I have a dear friend Michelle Russo who is flying copilot right now with BethKaya and the new venture – Self Care Cafe. She’s a beautiful soul, if you’re a friend of BethKaya, you know her by now but I will just formally say she is helping me keep my head above water. Along with several other players, you know who you are, and your time is coming. Thank you to everyone again and again for donating and supporting our self care mission! 

@sister_evolution camping in our store essentially till we can get a valid CO. Oy. #town hall probs @selfcarecafe The store colors and textures // geometry // sea blues // copper // black metal // taupe desks with black metal legs // wooden wall accents by @jdrewsilvers // slate // bamboo ⚜️⚡️ #girlboss #store #underconstruction

Big meeting today - cohorts ;) if you are on the jersey shore and want to catch some poetry Sunday eve DM me!!

We leased a space in Brick NJ and it’s adorable, the issues we are having getting into the space however, not so adorable. That’s an entirely different post and for all things considered, let’s keep the tone happy.


I just did a late season restock on some new soaps, scent sizes, crystal parcels and orgone pieces. As I have money invested into the store front – I simply need your support. Things I’ve been sitting on are going to need to get uploaded and move out! So stay tuned to the etsy shop and keep checking back. It will take time for us to get into the space and we need the online business to have the same level of dedication if not more to be able to keep this dream floating.


We are signed on to vend the Asbury Indian Summer Bazaar on Sunday Sept 24! I will be releasing more info about that in a little while but for now mark your calenders, it’s my birthday weekend btw so you simply can’t miss it! Not to mention tons of amazing vendors in the hottest spot on the jersey shore!


Additionally – the lovely Zoe Wilder has written a beautiful article about us again and it landed in Magnetic Magazine! Check it out here! 


Working on a mid season soap restock for you! Check the store tomorrow am!! ⚡️all the seasonal bars I had made sold out so I needed to throw down some newbies!! Also there is only 1!!! Moringa bar left for a bit!!



Also I know it’s late notice but it’s not too late to learn about this exciting spoken word movement called VERBATIM. Tomorrow evening I will be reading some poetry along with some wonderful features and following that will be an open mic. I would love to hear your words too! Here is more info! Please come!



My friends in Georgia all have kids starting school this week. Let’s hold onto what is left.

Sidenote : If you are local and want to come to a little underground spoken word movement we are starting – sign up for info here:

Hey you good lookin! ⚡️

Hey you good lookin! ⚡️

Now That I have spammed you up enough, and I hope you’ve written all that down – I am gonna jet and stay tuned for more info. Thanks for reading!


Curly frizzy hair don't care #phish #madisonsquaregarden /tap for gear tags⚡️



I wrapped up the kiosk this weekend at Jersey Shore Premium outlets. What an experience that was. I really enjoy setting up an installation that is unique to each venue I am at and really each day I am there. I take something away and adjust each time.

There were some moments of conversation that I will bring with more forward forever. A friends father visited the booth for a while and he is undergoing stage IV cancer treatments throughout his body. He was just so happy to be around and grateful through the words he shared. He told me how he had to fly to Georgia alone for his treatments. He wasn’t complaining at all I just remarked “That must be so difficult to do the travel on the heals of everything.” He just looked at me and said ” I have held my dying child, this is nothing, I can do anything.” He meant it. He also remarked “Every morning I look up at the sky and say thank you, cancer changes you, it really does.” So above all that conversation comes with me and helps me ground my gratitude practice.

Incredibly beautiful photo of @faerieblessings in her glory rocking a crystal sphere and orgone point ring I sent her way ⚡️ she is magical!

@faerieblessings “crystal sphere and orgone point ring”

I put some new things up in the etsy shop, some essential oil blends, some candles, new scrubs and new edition soaps perfect for the thick of summer. I am really loving where the shop is headed and how it looks.


It’s been such an evolution. I have some new orgone pieces coming trickling into the shop too and would love for you to check it out and tell me what you think!

There is a black crow perched above me as I take this photo and stare into my own shadow against the panes of my humid house. When the black eyed Susan's bloom a part of my heart explodes a little, every year. The crow nods as if he knows why. . . . . . Orgone Rose necklace strung on blue chalcedony rosary. ⚡️


As a side note I am going to do my final installation of the summer at the SOULSATIONAL WELLNESS festival July 30, 2016. It’s a FREE, all day family friendly event with performers, artists, poets, and wellness centric EVERYTHING! I am so excited ! If you are local please come and stop by!

Incredible photo from @theabsolutebeauty

Incredible photo from @theabsolutebeauty

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Love, Beth

Beth Bath and Beyond


This was a pretty big past few weeks – sorry I haven’t been able to check into the blog as much. Doing a LOT of work on the self – the whole past year being “under the weather” and now being better – able focused – able minded, you emit that. So a lot of crazy change, opportunity and duds have come my way and this is a huge time for me as a business. I am growing and want to do that in all the right ways. I just went to the annual Edison Gem Show – and grabbed some new babies and ran into some familiar faces. My friend Amy from Faerie Blessings was one of those faces! Her daughter called me “Beth Bath and Beyond” – isn’t that adorable? Hence the title! All of those crystals will be rolling out soon. GilmourCrystal

Also that week I went to see David Gilmour at the Garden last week and it was EPIC. I brought some crystals up to the nosebleeds where we were and these crystals and I left super happy and shredded by guitar. Remembering the passing of my dear friend Steve this time and how much he loved Gilmour, sometimes those events become sacraments & passages.


I am in full swing production of my summer collections. I have a lot of exciting vending events coming up in the warmer months and have a little retail spot residency brewing – I will keep you posted on those. Feel free to check out my Events tab on the website to see whats up there.


Moringa Layered

This is a double layer of faithful grace soap and moringa soap – my two shop best sellers, together in harmony. Married by Himalayan Pink salt, Moringa & moonstone – the two contrasting soaps and scents meet up in a beautiful dual purposeful synergy. Use the moringa side for the face and the shea side for body!

surfside There are several “beach tones” also and this scent is one of them but it deserves its own listing. SURFSIDE is warm, with a hint of a madagascar vanilla paired with coconut hues and finished but a burn of copper. I am going to feature products this season with this scent – soaps, scrubs and fragrance solids.


I’m really enjoying the local poetry scene lately with my friends. It’s always a great time to explore your vocabulary and language styling and the stylings of others emotions via their words. Good wholesome, emotional fun! Loving more of a gothic boho look these days too – these leggings under my black on black usual are from FreeSpiritLoveShop by Mallory Wingo. They are slaying it with my beloved combats!

Heres to the onslught of summer! Keep me posted with fun events!


XO Beth

Summer’s Almost Gone – Fall BethKaya Preview Through the Lens of Rommy Coleman


“Morning found us calmly unaware
Noon burn gold into our hair
At night, we swim the laughin’ sea
When summer’s gone
Where will we be
Where will we be
Where will we be” 

– Summer’s Almost Gone

The Doors

Summer is always very transformational. I spend the winter designing away, and the summer traveling, gardening, harvesting and planting universal starseeds for the winter. Doors slammed shut, gaping cosmic holes blew wide open. As an emotional journey, it’s been a whirlwind. Death of loved ones, and old ideas vs birth of loved ones and new ideas and learning to flow within the body of time’s journey and my work’s evolution.

 Here is a preview of my collection rolling into fall.


September is around the bend, my baby sister leaves for med school and my baby boy gears for PreK. I burned bridges and started to mend others. One of my favorite photographers, Rommy Coleman has been by my side for years to help me document important things – this past weekend she took a stab at documenting my work, where usually she’s recording an event in my life.


Guayusa Tea, Chamomile, Calendula, Lavender & Himalayan Salt Bath Bombs With Patchouli & Lavender Essential Oils

Signature Orgone Style Talismans Utilyzing Recucyled Metals, Flowers, & Gems in Trans-mutational Harmony with Mark's Hops and Lavender

Signature Orgone Style Talismans Utilyzing Recucyled Metals, Flowers, & Gems in Trans-mutational Harmony with Mark’s Hops and Lavender

There’s something special about my friends back home in Maryland. They just have cosmic gifts and I am so blessed to be influenced by them and that arise in my work. One of my very favorite couples, The Thomas’ are share farmers on a beautiful farm in Mount Airy Maryland, England Acres Farm. It’s a gorgeous piece of earth and I highly recommend visiting the market for incredible seasonal offerings. Mark Thomas blessed me with some of his precious hops to incorporate into some of my products as well as fresh lavender. It smells different from the lavender we grow at home, it’s a little spicier. It’s very exciting to have my hands on this stuff and by kismet love Rommy got her hands on them first to take some incredible product shots.


Swirl, Standard, White Cap and Limited Square Gem and Botanical Vial Fragrances, My Faithful Grace Best Selling Travel Perfume Spray and Signature Orgone Crystal Pendulum Necklace with Mark’s Lavender

Double Layer Honey & Milk Soap Scented with Vanilla Beach & Coconut Scents which Make Signature Scent SURFSIDE

Double Layer Honey & Milk Soap Scented with Vanilla Beach & Coconut Scents which Make Signature Scent SURFSIDE

I could spend all day in this vibe – at this farm and working with this amazing photographer. I will have to highlight the photos she did of my wedding and my maternity at another time!


Why not throw one of my favorite jewels in there from another favorite goddess Mallory Wingo?

Raspberry Aura Raw Prong set Ring By Wingostarr Jewelry With Mark's Cascade Hops

Raspberry Aura Raw Prong set Ring By Wingostarr Jewelry With Mark’s Cascade Hops

I hope you loved these and check out links for Rommy and England Acres Farm! EA Farm does seasonal pickings and events. Rommy freelances as  lifestyle photographer and documenter in the DC / MD Metro Area.

Photos By Rommy Coleman



England Acres Farm


Ring By Mallory Wingo



Product Brand Design By Capital Society



Lifestyle Art By BethKaya



Winding this group promotion down #indieunitedsummer featuring 29 artists including myself with a series of special offerings and musings to celebrate artistry, summer and unity. Thank you for sharing and supporting these artists. Wish I could tag all 29 but head to BethKaya.com to view the our collective vibration and ✨Tap✨ the photo for some artists to follow! 🙏 🌊🌅 #love #summer #art #design #community #highvibrations


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✨Good Saturday Morning to You! ✨☺️ This is your regular Saturday auction coming at ya! ⚡️A fun little bundle to conjure up a bit of #energy #balance, outward #love, inward love and #confidence. 👌These bundles are a great way to get intentionally paired #BethKaya goods for less and at the hand of a little sport. This mornings bundle Includes: 💎1 Vintage #SeedOfLife Gold Crystal Grid Plate (Decal Design by Tyler Minnick) 💎1 Pack of HEM #Chakra Insence 💎1 Orgone Cast Cube with Tibet #Quartz and Mixed #Gems 💎3 Tumbled #Citrines 💎3 Rough #Chalcopyrite Pieces 💎3 Rough #RoseQuartz Pieces 💎1 French Clay and Rose Olive #Soap – #FacialMask and Cleanser in One 💎1 Tube of #Pyrite Pieces Awesome little bundle retails for approx $75 – Bidding Opens at $24💋 To Bid – -COMMENT with Your BID -TAG Who You Are Outbidding! Please! -Whole Dollar Bids Please, Serious Bidders Only! 🔮Winner Pays Shipping and Handling by weight and zipcode (approx $8 USA) – Package is heavier then usually and fragile due to the plate :) Auction closes tomorrow, Sunday 7/18 at 9pm EST. 🌊Great Lot, For a Great Deal! 💫#Summer Love and Confidence Abundant! ⚡️ #goodluck #auction #crystals #minerals #parcel #crystalinfused #bethkayaauctions


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When the stargazers and black eyed Susan’s bloom I think of you Sir Bobby and this visionary painting by @JulieCostanzoArt This time of year is full of those memories and other hard ones that live honored by the Susans. #summer #ragdoll #stargazers #rip #spiritanimal #tribute #july


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Indie Art Unity For the Summer – Support Conscious Entrepreneurs & Art


It’s coming towards the thicker of summer. This is the best part. Tis the season ripe for family, R&R, music festivals, picnics, the beach and the culmination of society, current events and the pinnacle of the American beat.

I have met with many of my favorite indie artists and conscious business peers to collaborate on a beautiful series of joint promotions to offer you. Together as creators, we can carve our own initials on the face of every season and bring you cultural temptations to show for it. Enjoy my photo evocations of summer and prose in addition to a series of promotions, I hope you will pay these individuals a visit, follow them on social media and support their taste-making efforts.

*Click on the product photos to be taken to their shops and leave some love in the comments below also feel free to leave your own shop link and a promo in the comments as well to get in on the fun! Also all of the artists promotions can be found using hashtag : #INDIEUNITEDSUMMER on intragram and twitter as we roll out his series! *

Thank you and Enjoy your Summer in The Spirit of Intention and Awakening!



Awake, Alive, Bright & Illuminate

Awake, Alive, Bright & Illuminate



As We Bloom, Blooms Bloom.

As We Bloom, Blooms Bloom.




Reach For Every Vibration, Rise From Rot

Reach For Every Vibration, Rise From Rot



Pillar of Amplification and Beauty That Is Spirit's Language

Pillar of Amplification and Beauty That Is Spirit’s Language



Promises Promises

Promises, Promises



Fly, Fly to The Emerald City Fast As Lightning

Fly, Fly to The Emerald City Fast As Lightning



Sign Up For Deb’s Mailing List HERE: http://eepurl.com/brZRfv


Peace Through Pain Prevails With A Lesson

Peace Through Pain Prevails With A Lesson



Life is Life, Death is Transformation

Life is Life, Death is Transformation



A Moment For Granted Is A Memory Wasted

A Moment For Granted Is A Memory Wasted


Division Of Cells, Division of Bells, Tangerine Ombre

Division Of Cells, Division of Bells, Tangerine Ombre



Work That Is Pleasure Isn't But Work At All

Work That Is Pleasure Isn’t But Work At All



Lending Life for a Slice in Space for Only A Season

Lending Life for a Slice in Space for Only A Season


Velvet Veins Coursing like Unwavering Rice Paper In Summer Breezes

Velvet Veins Coursing like Unwavering Rice Paper In Summer Breezes



Thank you for Enjoying. Please take a moment to visit each artist and seek them out on social media.



Endless Summer,


Singed Summer – Musical Love For Solstice Air By BethKaya


Rose Quartz Point Wand From Brazil and Chive Flowers 💎🌿💐

Queue Olaf singing ” In suuuuummmmmeerrrr!”
You should know who Olaf is by now and if you don’t you cannot be helped!

Anywho Tis the season for the garden, the beach, later nights and slower mornings. Bare with me as I take a few more hours to respond to messages and also an extra day or two on order shipments. I try to enjoy the time with my little one and husband when we can. Life is so short. I’ve learned this one a few times over recently with the passing of two friends from back home.

Both of them had serious demons, addiction, depression… I mean we all have demons. Can’t we talk about that for a moment? We ALL have them.
We aren’t so different from one another. There are a LOT of healing modalities. I am a big proponent for alternative channels of healing, clearly.

You don’t have to be this guru with anything to do this either. A mandala coloring books is a great start but you know what really helps me almost all the time? Music.

So in honor Of Steve and KC – here is 11 Hours of Music – “SINGED SUMMER”

As compiled by me, BethKaya. See you in space kids. XOBK


🌟✨Beachy Tones✨🌟 Now live in the shop, fresh for the season! Also 🔥 I am leaving #vanillabeach perfume spray on special for $9.00 for the rest of the week!! ❤️💋 Time for your scentual summer soundtrack! #bybethkaya #fragrance #crystalinfused #beach #summer #summerstyle #coconut #vanilla #etsy


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