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On A Budget


“It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.”

— Alexander McQueen

I decided to do a challenge, find a few pieces to add a little life into a Spring wardrobe, each item being under $50.00. I used only 6 stores: Old Navy, H&M, Gap, Kohls, Target, Forever 21 and American Apparel for this task. These are my picks for a mom, career lady or just the every day fashionable woman on a budget. Enjoy!



H&M, Fine-knit Sweater, $17.95, http://www.hm.com/us/product/25403?article=25403-D

Forever 21, Tie-Dye Zippered Top, $19.80


Old Navy, Women’s Tie-Front Blouse, $29.94



Gap, Essential heathered V-neck T, $22.95,


Target, Women’s Short Sleeve Tiered Top, $12.99


H&M, Lace Top, $14.95


Blazer & Cardigan

Target, Women’s Ponte Collarless Jacket, $29.99


Forever 21, Free Spirit Kimono, $19.80


H&M, Loose-fit Pants, $29.95, http://www.hm.com/us/product/23106?article=23106-C

Forever 21, Everyday Skinny Jeans, $7.80


Old Navy, Women’s The Pixie Skinny-Ankle Pants, $34.94



Kohls, LC Lauren Conrad, Lace Leggings, $20.00



H&M, Pencil Skirt, $34.95


American Apparel, Stripe Full Woven Skirt, $38.00



Forever 21, Surplice Lace Romper, $24.80



Target, Mossimo Womens Sleeveless Dress, $29.99


H&M, Maxi Dress, $17.95


American Apparel, Fine Jersey T Dress, $27.00



Old Navy, Women’s Denim Pointed Ballet Flats, $22.94


DSW, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leopard Print Sneaker, $49.95


Target, Women’s Sam & Libby Viva Strappy Heels, $34.99



Kohls, LC Lauren Conrad, Palos Verdes Tortoise Oversized Square Sunglasses, $30.00


Forever 21, Forever Cool Cutout Necklace, $9.80


*H&M, Shoulder Bag, $9.95


The Button-Down



“Fashion Changes, but style endures”

-Coco Chanel


The Button-Down shirt was once ONLY an option for suits or slacks. With a twist in color and pattern this shirt has become a wardrobe basic in or out of the office for everyone. Enjoy a few of my picks for this amazingly versatile top.



The Floral:

Brooks Brothers, Floral Print Shirt, $89.50



The “Girly Boyfriend”:

Gap, Fitted Boyfriend dot Oxford Shirt, $49.95



Uniqlo, Women Silk Print Long Sleeve Blouse, $49.90



Lazy Woman, aka “Non Iron”:

Banana Republic, Fitted Non-Iron Candy Stripe Shirt, $69.50



The New Grunge:

Nordstrom, Current/Elliott, ‘The Prep School’ Plaid Shirt, $198.00



Hint of Polka Dot:

Burton, Eva Woven Top, $70.00



The Original:

Ralph Lauren, Plaid Camp Shirt, $165.00



The Jean Shirt:

Loft, Dark Chambray Softened Shirt, $54.50




The White with a twist:

Old Navy, Women’s Tie-Front Blouse, $29.94


Meet BKDC’s First Contributing Writer – Kelly Hecht


As I mentioned in the last two posts – in 2014 I am rolling out a new plan for this website. I plan to turn this into a powerhouse of information, fashion, art & design.

Kelly has been a longtime friend of mine socially and professionally. She has great style and a knack for words. Here at the BKDC – She’s going to share her passion for fashion, trend and whatever else she wants to. She’s that cool – and we want in!

Here’s a little bio – expect more gab from her in 2014!


About Kelly – From Kelly

“I am a chameleon. Whether it is fashion or life, I am looking for new ways to change and evolve. I am never satisfied in the same place for long.  I was born in Korea, and adopted as a baby.  Despite being raised in the DC area; I spend my time going between my hometown of Maryland and my second home New York City trying to eat Spanish tapas and traveling whenever possible.  My first “real job” was with The Washington Post’s local newspaper, naturally then the Gazette, and most recently I was a buyer for the Trump Organization in Manhattan.

Living and working in both the NYC and the DC area, I have tried to develop a style all my own. I am looking for ways to stay both trendy and classic but find myself asking the question, “What does a 30 year old wear?” I want to focus on that question as I know I am not the only one that asks themselves that question each day. Trend spotting and setting is my lifeblood! I am constantly updating with the newest styles, every season on and off the runway. It is my mission to discover – how can these elements be tied together and how it can they be incorporated into your closet at home.  From Jordan’s to Chanel Espadrilles, Neiman Marcus to Target- I adore fashion and have a deep respect for people that make style their own. My number one rule on “style”: If you are in love with what you wear chances are you will look and feel good too.”

There you have it!

Have a great week! Stay Tuned!


Relationships Are Business Numero Uno


From my years of experience with my own business and with my work at Sony/IPC – the most important thing I’ve learned a business should be based on is GREAT relationships. If you don’t know your clients, how can you know what they need?

Part of developing marketing strategies and also products is knowing what your clients are looking for.

What is trending? What can’t they live without? What will you enjoy building ideas on?

This is the commonplace where sales and product development shakes a very important hand.

Your clients are the people who are inspired to act on what you do. If you aren’t tending to the flames of your client relationships, you aren’t tuning in! These are more than your clients, these are your friends who are bolstering what you do because they too believe in what you are doing.

Getting to know the people who appreciate what I do for them allows me not only to serve them further, but also chances are the person who’s needs I am filling, has something that can fill my needs. All relationships whether business or just personal are a two way street. Chances are these people can offer me something too if I take some time to make sure I meet their needs as a service provider and also as a friend.

Part of the reason I am bringing new blood in here as a writer and blogger is because I know I can’t meet everyone’s needs with the blog I hope to create. Having fresh voices will help round out the vision I know my clients are looking for!

My Current Studio


I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I think photos of my own and other folks art spaces are totally rad. They are art themselves!

I share my studio with my husband. My studio is outfitted with all of my supplies organized on shelving in utility totes.I do this because I like to work on the go and am constantly shuffling things around.

Since this is both a music and art studio, lots of of multi media and mediums are ever present!  Everything needs a home. My husband and I have desks on opposite walls with 360 of shelves. Here’s some studio porn – a regular feature on my Instagrizzle but will be here now too! To follow up yesterday’s post that had some of my earliest pieces and workspaces here is some current pics of my hot spot in the flow. ALSO I play and share tunes I’m spinning or mixing on SPOTIFY and Facebook!


My Mixing Side – with easy access to painting and jewelry supplies within reach


I have a Studio boutique – its a shelf of current works on display for visitors & clients
The top rack is a bracelet display

Headphones Hanging By My Jewelers Bench (Flex Drill Pictured)
One Pair for my PC tunes, and the Other for my Husbands


Another Scene from my Studio Boutique


My Jewelers Bench


My Fabric Stash Lives Above the Vistor Sofa

I have lots of Alt Lighting and Places to Store Supplies

Close Up of Jewelry Tools



The VAIO I mix on – Naturally I Painted On it – It Glows

My husband’s Keyboard for his Tune Makin

My Sewin Spot

Burning Sage

My Desk 🙂





Rings N Things


Oh just milling about with various different things. Obsessed with making rings since I have had little time to really turn out a well thought out project. I can finish a ring in 2 minutes! It’s kind of interesting. Went to a giant sleepover party with some awesome ladies a few months back and decided I would make a ring for everyone in the house. Like a balloon animal! It was a gas and we all had these amazing little pieces of jewelry in common but specific to ourselves as I let each gal pick out their center stone.

Having a 2 year old is an amazing ride – it’s a fast one. We played easter bunny for the first time and he plowed through that basket enjoying each surprise, not even knowing fully what each item was. He just marveled that each of these colorful things was just for him. He ooooooooh’d and thissssssssssss’d. Good stuff. The Crocus’ are springing up, so we are getting the gardening beds ready for the big plant. My seedlings caught a fungus this year and are tanking one by one. Just goes to show you sometimes, no matter how hard you work on something, or how many hours, some things simply don’t work out. Any how not much else to report which since Sandy is a good good thing. Enjoy your spring!