The fire within me burns so intensely. So intensely that it scares people. People are afraid to be loved, afraid to cry, afraid to show themselves. Even I am so scared sometimes. People reject each other, they gang up, they judge and sometimes people who have loved you rip you the fuck off plain as day. Instagram has sometimes been a struggle for me to cope with socially – people seem to think its ok to abandon basic kindness, ethical practices and just in the light of day stab each other in the back for the sake of a lil taste of “instafame” what even is that? Then there are the trolls. The people who just want to get a rise out of you by hiding behind their screen and being just terrible. Why?! I have surely put boundaries in place towards those who abandon that basic sense of respect. Everyone should be free to explore their voice and I am so grateful that my voice comes from something so deep inside of me – somewhere I journeyed for that even when I see the disrespectful bullshit go down that’s where I fall on. Always. No one can take your light from you unless you give it away. Remember that. Remember if you want to do something major – seek from within your pain and your joy. Come from that authentic place and the rest falls away and doesn’t matter. Honor yourself and what you’ve been through enough to value yourself and be yourself. I love you for that alone ? Photo by @jeremysgordon BethKaya – Queens NYC


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