These are a special project. I got these high grade specimen vials because I wanted to run more experiments with earth energy and intent. These vials are layered with gems, resins, salts, flowers and herbs. Each one has a different intent and healing energy. Keep them in tact and standing amongst your jewels like a control tower, or carry it in your purse as a talisman, use as a wand or use content for your altar and create your own again. Each has a Quartz tip and rubbed sage with a whole rosebud at the bottom to protect the blessing. They stand upright and are over 6″ tall. Each comes with a scroll detailing the contents (some have over 20 things inside) and my intentions. Behind these are some of my desk references. I am a non fiction bookworm. Always buried in a textbook, always thirsty to know more about the world around me! ❤️#bybethkaya #spirit #art #prayer #blessing #altar #quartz #jasmine #garnet #lotus #lavasalt #sage #cedar #sunflowers #rosebuds #amethyst #crystalhealing #blessing #priestess


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