This is a new deodorant product in the shop. I haven’t worn a commercial deodorant in years. The year before I had my child a lump was found in my breast by my gyn. I had a sonogram of both and they found a total of 5 tumors in both. (2/3) This scared the living shit out of me. The next step was needle guided biopsies of them. Thankfully they were found to be benign but that was enough to put the fear in me. After I had my child I had a sonogram to monitor them and they were completely gone. Vanished. This was so crazy that three techs searched around with the sono wand and found nothing. We had the video of the needle biopsies and previous scans from my NYC files and they just completely took off. I know it wasn’t a result of switching to natural deo lol but I did cut out processed foods too and had a child so maybe hormonal and body Eco changes helped? I have no idea and this round about story leads me to tell you that I have been using this product now and love it. It’s a natural powder and essential oil blend that keeps you cooled off and smelling fresh for several hours. I include a pad for application because I don’t like how it’s antiperspirant properties feel on my hands! You can wash the pad in between uses


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