This is aparticularly special blend (aren’t they all?) For this blend I had someone in mind, my grandfather. He is the most charming and sophistated man. I created this thinking about tones that reminded me of visiting his bayside home when I was a child. HIs community was english and nautical themed with a marina, canal, lakes, hedging and secret themed gardens. His home was leather and wood floor clad. The tones of leather, teak floors, misty sea air, warm vanilla, coffee, sweet musk and polished sweet amber comprise this intoxicating blend. This scent is very comforting, warm, alluring, round, soft and deeply lasting. This is by far one of my absolute favorites and everyone I’ve tested it to has fallen deeply in love, man or woman. It’s Paired with Red Sandalwood chips and Mixed Jasper. The Admiralty is a warm garden, round nautical that is sure to please anyone! I cannot stop smelling myself. Perfect for this time of year when I’d visit for Passover and smell those dewy spring tones in the air over fresh coffee. ❤️


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