This is one of my favorite fairy stones that’s ever come into my collection. As a seeker – I am aiming to collect knowledge to serve my out my sacred work. Virgo the nurturer, the priestess and servant. These stones grow near rivers when the conditions are just perfect. This one comes from Canada. Native Americans consider them protector amulets and were often found on riverbanks while fishing. The way their discs grow can resemble crosses or even people sometimes. They have been revered for protection, cleansing ill energy spaces and harnessing a bit of magic. Have you ever been somewhere (generally outside) and the rain was spitting through the sun? There’s a smell in the air that’s cool, warm and wet all at once? That sparkle in the air that guides you into knowing in your heart of hearts you’re on the right path? Those special conditions are the essence of what Fairies are! We tend to want an image of what something the legends speak of but perhaps there’s no image but the projection of an experience. The smell, the weather, how our bodies felt and the burn it leaves in our memories. The world is operating on a divine map, a complex matrix and we can choose to sleep through it or participate in it. This is your consciousness! The projection only you’ve been given the keys to. Your car to drive inside of a complicated and ️beautiful fabric of our every breathing day. If you believe “magic” exists in the way that it’s as simple as opening your eyes, being awake to possibilities then that’s it. That’s all the magic of a fairy is too. Incredible thoughts and participation in spiritual signs right before you. If you believe, all of it exists in your projection. She’s a beauty. If you got this far – ✨I’d like to give her to you. Just Comment with a ❤️. That’s it. No strings – I’ll do a draw at midnite. ✨ Have a great Sunday – believe in magic because that IS spirit! ?


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