To think I almost deactivated all of the listings for my engraved pieces and no sooner did someone order this piece custom done for a special person – You have all these conceptions Not just of what you’re supposed to be but what you’re supposed to do you know? Brand this! Slim down to just that ! Clear your voice ! But at the end of the day what are you? What do you want to be and why are you doing what you’re doing? You don’t have to be an artist or artsy to be special please my goodness know that being tight on your job game, your addiction, your mama or papa game or your anything game is what’s up. All it takes is passion and anything matters. But for me I have to just remember it’s about my ability and the art. If I can bring a piece of joy to someone what the eff difference does it make of its not some hot potato seller ? That’s the difference between art, artisan, crafter, designer and artist . Business Is a lil wreckless for the artist – it’s not about a product it’s about a vision that must come to life no matter the cost! Nah mean?! #rambles


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