Tonight was really amazing. Such Incredible conversations with the light beings I met at the event I just got home from working. I felt so comfortable and celebrated showcasing my gemstone and intention filled goods. It’s not always going to be the right place and time for me, but sometimes it SO is. Talking about this journey and listening to others experiences with gems and crystal energy is extremely soul filling. Such connection. Every time You accept compromises that impugn your freedom to think, to feel, to perform your sacred work, pieces of you die off. We get used to what we’re “supposed” to do but what about what you ought to do? Live your truth. It’s not the easiest road, but it’s yours. There will be people who don’t get it and people who do get it. You’ll find them along the way and they will cherish every facet to your being. Shine your light, don’t accept the lies that you can’t. You were never meant to be like anyone else. Spirit lives inside of you, therefore you are spirit and spirit doesn’t make mistakes. You are perfect. Never Settle. #shareyourtruth


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