Took my boys out for some holiday fun – my face is recovering from wearing a very tight respirator for a few hours. I will not mess around with workplace safety. Resin, soldering, mica dust all of that- not in my lungs! But that necklace tho!!! My jewelry slinging pals have sent me the loveliest wire clippings, gem chips, sea glass, broken litter glass and china to put into my pieces. Talk about energy and love! This piece is mine- the center has jz sea glass from Brianne and #rubilite from Mal. The #Orgone Medallion I’m giving away ( back in feed, ends tomorrow eve!) has a dicro center window from Emmy Eff!! Talk about spreading that love around! Thank you @emmyeffdesigns @twilightdance @mal_wingostarrjewelry @shinechaserjewelry @allmond_joy @mrssaycheese @centeryourhealth @pagnotta8 for your old scraps and cast offs!


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