#TrekForYourTribe Tagged to do a #selfloveselfie by @emmyeffdesigns and I decided to share this photo. I embrace my bohemian style, tousled locks, animated expressions, perfectly imperfect body and hopelessly loyal tribal ethics. I will go the distance for my tribe because a village is better than a silo. Becoming a mother taught me a lot of things and one of those things is a great compassion for other moms and really anyone who is cast into the sea to swim for themselves. It does take a village and I couldn’t be more humbled and grateful for every person in my life who has outstretched a hand and said “come on let’s go together”. Let’s #seek together, let us share this human experience – together. You play your part and I’ll play mine. Together we prepare a feast and together we will eat well. Love you ❤️ #tribe #village #community TAG you’re it


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