Up super early to try to get some work done before I go to my other job. I’m Helping out a spiritual retreat center for a bit and it’s helping me out a lot just changing the pace and scenery. I dunno if you can tell by my needy ass posts lately but I’m glad to get out and combat some anxiety I’ve had in different ways. Going home to MD this weekend to see some friends and take in a Lil #Phish :) my folks don’t live there anymore but my core friends and roots still are. First time back since one of them passed earlier this summer and this phish venue is the one we used to break every year they played. So thanks for riding with me through this and also for your words of awesome frequency. Just finishing inventorying everything for this Labor Day fest (Soupergroove) – hundreds of pieces I forget I made 🙈 oh man! They need a parade 😘have a good weekend and please be patient with me on orders, shipping is gonna take an extra day or two. ❤️💋 regular auction tomorrow and winding down on my #bethkaya15k giveaway- look that Tag up for the graphic and ️Share to win that parcel when I hit 15k! Xoxoxoxo 💋


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