Went back through my feed and looked at some of the evolution of my work – I came onto this platform a metalsmith who made Crystal infused body products for myself and friends. My metal pieces sold ok but when A friend suggested I bring my personal care products into the picture I had no idea that would become the forefront of my work. Even back when I had 5 followers literally I was scared to put myself out there – I first shared this meme 73 weeks ago. Resharing it because it’s gold and back then only 20 people saw it but it was the most liked photo I had shared to date. 🌊It’s so easy to get caught up in the gain game and I have been there – I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of ego bs and I forget sometimes that we are all starting somewhere, we all lose our way and our voices for a moment. 🌅The important part is that when it gets dark, and it does – you dig super deep and push on. I have always just followed my heart and guts with my pieces and I am proud of the unique place I’ve come to. It took a lot of effort to push through some hard stuff over the last 13 years of BK🌟I’ve made a lot of friends and sadly some enemies being exactly myself and that’s gonna be the way it is – not everyone is gonna love you. Stick to those who do truly see you and cherish you for everything you wholly are. ✨Be proud to say at least you love hard and never gave anyone a reason you know? Love to you and your journey 🌊🌟👊❤️💋


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