Why Instagram is the Shit!



For the first time I can let everyone in with my favorite tool – visuals. I also can digest visuals of my favorite actors, musicians, artists and PEOPLE! It’s the best! Letting people IN is critical to the work I do as a spirit artist and designer. Follow me @BethKaya and see what I’m cooking up. Get inspired! (but come original 😉 )

Top 10 Reasons Why BethKaya D&C Loves Instagram:

1. Letting you Into the Process!! Now you can see glimpses of my production, workspace, inspirations and finished works!

2. Hashtag Optimisation – This allows people to find you like a card catalogue and also carve your unique stake in the digital visual arena.

3. Sell – Anything you want with no fees! Go ahead! Take a pic – slap it up and mark it for sale! See what happens!

4. Motivation – Viewing the feeds of my most inspired peers motivates me to achieve too.

5. Beauty Through Visuals – No words even needed on so many photos – just take them in.

6. Shop till you drop! Find unique things JUST your style through hashtags and other people selling through IG.

7. Storing Memories of an Important Event or Campaign – unique hashtags for events allow you to store everyone’s photos under the same hashtag if everyone is using the same one! Wedding Disposables? Forget Them Forever! Also this is crazy catching on for serious global matters! #BRINGHOMEOURGIRLS

8. Inspiration – The style pics,  other artists and designers, the garden photos, the canning porn, the words of encouragement, the chances I get to uplift someone I sense may need it, they ALL inspire me.  My goal is to do the same!

9. Connections – Instagram gives me the ability to span globally via my hashtag optimisations. The people who “walk into” my feed and stay are people I can connect with, without language barriers. Some of their captions I have NO IDEA what they say – but I get their visuals and that is a connection I cherish.

10. Love – Lastly my favorite thing about Instagram is the LOVE that I get for my work. Every time someone shares, tags or presses that heart button I am touched! It’s a token of appreciation in a scrolling scrolling existence! Thank you for that love!!! It means everything and is a critical arm now in grassroots marketing effort.

Thank you for walking into my feed and staying!!!! Thank YOU for sharing and connecting! We love instagram! Post your handle in my comments and I’ll follow you! Follow us and share some love! @BethKaya

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  1. Zoe says:

    Love your feed. It’s one of the few I check daily 🙂

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