About Beth

I am a multi-media Artist with a specialty in Self Care. Additionally, I am a dynamic Marketing Specialist and Small Business Consultant.

I grew up in suburban Maryland and moved to NYC when I was 19. From there I worked at several tech companies (SONY VIP & IPC Systems Inc.) in the marketing and sales support arena while attending the Fashion Institute of Technology at night. During this time I bopped around NYC thrifting, designing from inspiration, hanging with inspiring minds and even played some music with a little band.

From the seasoning I acquired living, working and schooling in NYC – I brought that to my own design venture after having my son. I really wanted to be a present Mom and realized the only way for me to break through to that was to create my own venture.

BethKaya – was the first handle I ever used when the Internet became a thing. It’s always going to be ME when you look it up, I’ve trademarked it by being “first in line” as they say by research standpoints. It’s really exciting to have built something that is now a recognizable label. At the label’s peak – I was in 7 shops in the US and in 11 countries! I shipped globally and with the help of social media, I was able to reach that market.

While my son was small, I worked from home to grow one of the top 10K performing stores in Etsy history. This effort was made possible with the help of social media promotion both on Facebook and Instagram. I have to mention the power of networking in person and with other artists. I would NOT have been an inch of successful with this if I hadn’t have put out AS MUCH support as I wanted. When you do that, you help others grow, you build relationships that become referrals. You get what you give.

In 2017, I opened a storefront featuring natural products and small brands along with other self care accoutrements and of course my handmade items.

This store survived a lot of waves and with the onset of personal changes and COVID, I closed the storefront in 2020 and moved back into the internet with my efforts and promotion.

These days I work fulltime for a stellar home lending business focused on Marketing specialties like social media management, training and strategy. On the side, I have been developing the Consulting arm of my business with vigor.

For this element of my business, I meet with small brands, labels, businesses and artists. I assess where they are with their brand building process and business module. With homework provided by me, we explore goals, we set them, we execute them and see actual results.

I’ve worked with over 7 brands in 2023 already alone and its incredible to watch something come to life with the sprinkles of support I am able to offer to each business.

My online business still specializes in Self Care – I will always be a huge advocate for grooming as an important act of self love and space.  My soap continues to be a beloved product and with making that and my first love Jewelry, I sit pretty being able to make just about what I want to. I adore preservation art as well so you can find me preserving every flower I’ve ever gotten and tossing them into resin works and arrangements. I don’t put limits on what I create, candles, lip balm, lotion – at this point, these recipes are time honored and aim to support specific self care wishes.

In whatever spare time there is, I hang with my loved ones, craft and listen to music constantly. Follow me on Spotify – Beth Erxleben to see my latest expertly crafted playlist. I love to work, truly but when I am not you can find me at the beach or a concert. I am a not so secret Survivor superfan and will always get into a conversation about the dynamics of that social experiment. I live in a cute beach town along the Jersey Shore and have items in local shops around Asbury Park, NJ and Toms River, NJ.

Thanks for taking the time to read my bio. Contact me with any consulting wishes or for questions!