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The Yellow Brick Road to the Little Yellow Building


Greetings friends of BethKaya! It’s been a bit too long since my last check in before the holidays. Great News: We cleared all of our store inspections at last! This means we can start prepping and planning for the grandest of openings.

They're back ⚡️

They’re back ⚡️

This has been SUCH a long road for me as a person to get to this point. Finally moving in and stocking the shelves with all of my favorite brands, it’s incredible. Stretching into new designs and birthing some new wonderful tones to fall in love with. Happy to be working with a great crew who is assisting with the pace and you will meet them soon on a bio page here but also in person at the store and in person at our events.

Speaking of events – We LOVE the Asbury Park Bizarre ! We signed up to do the Valentine Market! Details Can Be Found HERE and below.


Store Opening Dates Coming Soon! Stay Tuned for all the fun brands we are bringing in and the latest designs from Beth! Stay Warm!

How INSTAGRAM gave me roadmap, and stole it back.



This blog has never really had a solid goal or direction. I’ve owned this domain for over 14 years its just been my spot in space. In the last 3 years I have been interacting heavily on INSTAGRAM (IG). @BETHKAYA

IG gave me an incredible tool to communicate with. It became something I loved. I made buckets of new friends, connected with clients all over the world and explored beautiful photography techniques that would help my art become a viable business and voice of my own. This felt like the renaissance. I was getting a lot of traffic from every share. Every share amounted to sales, and brands were connecting with me to collaborate. It totally had it’s underbelly. Copy Catters and other various bits of undesirable natural social hiccups but I have sang the platforms praises, till now.

In the last 9 months or so, I noticed something alarming. I am organically sitting with 20 thousand + blessed subscribers. However, I am only engaging with less then 1% of them. When my following was at less than 10K I was garnering about 300 engagements per photo, this has been steadily and cyclically slashed. Now at 20 k I am engaging around 100. Also , I LOVED giving shout outs. I love tagging my friends and other makers in photos. Now when I do so, my photos are blocked and sometimes just removed. What happened?

I stare at my shop analytics and see the writing on the wall. The traffic to etsy is not coming from etsy (Thanks Etsy?) its coming from Instagram and a shred from google alla this site. Sales are remarkably down. They are still trickling from previous clients. I am sure grateful for these relationships I took time to foster. New clients? Very slim. This is panic mode as a business owner. I can’t stand quiet about it either.

I thought about class action lawsuits on the grounds of interfering with my ability to conduct business. I have over 100 friends who are feeling the algorithmic throttle from Instagram too. Did they have a task force come and hunt us down and sell us to the spam people who email me 3 X a week asking if I need more likes on my photos? Probably. Did haters mark my posts as spam or report me? A fraction, Probably. Did facebook decide that in order for me to reach my audience I need to boost through their marketing console on my facebook business page? Totally! Ultimately I can’t help but think there is a liability waiver for all of these thoughts built into their terms and conditions. I mean – who really knows what we sign away every time we agree to another app? Right? I can assume I have no leg to stand on. I can assume that once again the small business red tape grows wider then we were led to believe because social media “lessened that”.

So here I am, cut off from you. I’m not gonna lie – it hurts in more ways I can begin to describe. I watched a video of (KATWISE) another indie roots artist, who’s work I know from the music scene. In her video she was crying because of the very thing I am typing about. Being cut off from you, who we love, who supports our art, keeps food on the table and the lights on in our homes. For some artists, its not just a hobby – we price on formulas for fair market so we can compete in a healthy thriving arena. We sell wholesale, things we’ve made our selves. We are around the world with our businesses. We are up at all hours, fighting with the post office or packing things with absolute labors of love. Somehow that community gets that we to need lift each other up. We get each other and want to see others fullfill their passions and make a living at it if possible.

I know by now IG has seen the dozens of petitions, the #keepitchronological campaigns and more. I know Instagram robots have seen the 20+ letters I’ve written begging for throttle to my waiting audience to be lifted.

What else can I do?


I was just a kid with a dream once too. A 16 year old on her own set out for NYC to be a working artist some day. I worked for the machine and clawed through design school at night. Instagram gave me a present, a way to express, UNDILUTED and in the most authentic way possible. People took to that, organically – and you took those people.

I know, I know, it’s just a platform. Wake up and live real life right? I know. All the haters, hate on me for being a cry baby. I will take that too. It’s just a space in time – things change, roll with the punches, sink or swim right?

I’m not going down either – I will keep sharing even if it’s to limited eyes. Those eyes matter!

This is about the art and what message is left behind when all it becomes is cosmic debris. The content I make comes from something that has nothing to do with this, and I admit I got too wrapped up in it’s power. This is a great equalizer. I won’t compare myself to those who haven’t been targeted by these shifts or who have garnered insane audiences doing things that well, have different merits then I would invest in.  “Followers” are not the things to be preoccupied with. Relationships are. You can pan for gold in a gold field and still just find one little golden piece, but gold is gold.

Anyway, I just had to get that it out. This was an uppercut to my ability to do a lot of things growth wise that I had projected this year but I am just taking a detour and more real world roads this time. Thankfully, people still exist. That’s the medicine. Don’t put all your business eggs in one basket, and businesses found ways to survive when the climate changed.

Strikes and Gutters-




*Edited to ad a side rant about Etsy, what is going on with etsy?

Apart from not getting any traffic or sales from their strip mall, they are using bots to deactivate listings based on algorithms too. 3 times in the last week my listings have been deactivated for no reason in my eyes. I spoke intensively with the “integrity” team as well. In order to garner traffic from etsy, you have to promote your own listings on top of the listing fee AND the check out commission? Where does it end? Stop nickle and diming! Stop bullying the little guy, who has done nothing but bring YOU traffic and revenue. Sheesh!

Interview With BethKaya – By Zoe Wilder – Reposting From Skirt Collective


– When Ms. Wilder approached me about an interview this winter, I admit I was hesitant. It seems strange to talk about yourself but at the same time I liked the idea of someone asking me about my work rather then me putting it in your face as I tend to do all on my own. Her questions were thought provoking and a good exercise in affirming where I am coming from and where I am going with my work. Please check out this article, give it a share and add your thoughts in the comments there or here! Thank You Zoe and and Skirt Collective!

Photo By Geraldine Vallecillos

Front Page:

“As an empathetic artist, I am constantly absorbing energy from my customers and situations. In business, you are supposed to look out for your bottom line. My bottom line is the customer. The balance is tough.”

The terms “homesteading” and “DIY” are relatively new. They didn’t exist because that was simply how people lived their lives. Our great grandmothers had gardens where they grew vegetables and fruit. Everything had natural ingredients. That’s all there were. It was the norm. In so many ways, the world has wandered so far away from that connection between who we are and what we consume.


Intention Gift Set

However, I’ve noticed a growing awareness in the world about where our food comes from, whether it’s made with love and good intentions, and how that affects our health. I see this awareness moving towards skin care products, jewelry and fashion. As people become more enlightened about intention, more spiritual entrepreneurs are rising to the occasion to meet the demand.

One of the most prolific conscious creators I’ve met is Jersey Shore artist, BethKaya. She’s been making jewelry, perfumes, soaps and intentional tonics for me for years. It’s been a real pleasure to watch her succeed. I’m continually inspired by her creations, which inspired me to reach out and ask her a few questions about her craft.

ZW: When did you know you wanted to- had to- create art for a living?

BK: At a very young age, I knew that art, ancient culture, and gems were things I couldn’t live without. As an adult, I did hard time in corporate marketing for a decade with an end goal to make art the full time gig some day. In 2002, I started making various goods like candles, jewelry and salves. I had intended to be a jewelry designer and gemologist by trade, and that’s what I studied at night at the Fashion Institute in New York City while doing that hard time, but it never felt like a real possibility until I had my son. Something about that forces you to give it a go for the sake of being home, and needing a unique income option. I figured I might as well give a go at everything I had pipe dreamed from the beginning, and see if it would stick. Some things did, some didn’t but my voice and identity as an artist started to emerge and so far, so good.


BethKaya’s Signature Fragrance Oils On Custom Designed Reclaimed Wood Display Pieces by J Drew Carpentry

ZW: How do you incorporate holism and spirit into your practice as an artist?

BK: Frankly, it’s the foundation of my work. As I got deeper into motherhood (one of the holiest sacraments) and being a one income family, I started to see every opportunity to do – from less and closer to nature. There’s so much waste spiritually and literally in society, even in business. I realized that the practices I was using in my home to keep my faith and family healthy were the very things that people were connecting to most within my body of work. We have a massive garden. We preserve flowers, herbs and spices. I connect so deeply to our garden and its gifts. For that, I am so grateful. The gratitude is a major component to the spiritual part. Sacred geometry is an inherent component of this because it IS nature, and spirit’s language. Being an international business woman and gem dealer gives me the unique ability to connect with different cultures all over the world for the raw materials that I make my products from. The connections I make seem to trust me in a special way, and offer their customs and rituals to me with an open mind. I believe all of our cultures are meant to be celebrated and am thirsty to connect to sacred customs and mythology. Intention is another facet to my work. It is an energy vibration I deal with, by imbuing these thoughts into my pieces and ministry works.

ZW: I’m in love with your gemstone and botanical infused oils and perfumes; and I’m not the only one. You’re ability to combine scents is out of this world. You have a “superpower” called synesthesia that allows you to smell and taste colors and sounds. Tell me more about this and how it informs your practice.

BK: I never really knew my senses were different until I asked other people if they too tasted color or could smell something like sound. I mean, I knew I was out in left field for other reasons. But, this realization and perfume was a fork in the road. I think that this crossing of sensory wires grants me to cross-create a product like a perfume that will recreate a moment in time for someone on a 360 degree level with a specific energy.


BethKaya’s Signature Gemstone and Botanical Infused Roll On Fragrances

ZW: What are you focusing your creative energy towards lately?

BK: It’s always hard for me to focus on one medium, but the theme is just gemstone and botanical infused products with a specific intention – mostly holistic body care and perfumes. I still am doing custom jewelry pieces as well as orgone energy devices, but that’s being pushed more into the background.

ZW: When you are feeling spiritually bankrupt, what inspires you?

BK: Shutting everything down, and going out into nature with my husband and son. We reconnect and fuel up on the good stuff that life is about. Also prayer – I think praying is really a conversation with our higher selves, spirit and our guides. It’s important to check in with that on a regular basis. This plays into an attitude of gratitude that resets me when I am down on faith.

ZW: While more and more people are becoming hip to the concept of intention and the role this plays in what they eat and wear, there are still many people who have not been introduced to this idea. How do you reach the mainstream? Or rather, how does the mainstream make its way to you?

BK: A lot of spiritual concepts seem to come in and out of vogue. Right now “crystal energy” and “intention” have become hot buzzwords. Frankly, I see a lot of it watered down as a marketing gimmick, but I also see a lot of genuine interest in boarding a “spiritual arc” so to speak. This is an awakening that is growing rapidly, and extending itself to social media. Partnering with peers who are participating in this journey as well as using hashtags to call in those interested in seeking out what I am putting out there has drawn in the unique audience that appreciates and utilizes my work to the fullest.

ZW: How do you balance being an artist with being an entrepreneur?

BK: This part is pretty tough, admittedly. As an empathetic artist, I am constantly absorbing energy from my customers and situations. In business, you are supposed to look out for your bottom line. My bottom line is the customer. The balance is tough. I have to create for myself in addition to the demands of my clients. So I try to create a few things for myself before I jump into orders and purify my space via prayer and smudging. I focus well at night. And, I really am a better business woman in that zone than I am by day.

ZW: Homesteading is a big part of your life: gardening, canning, making natural cleaners, etc. It has even inspired you to make your amazing natural skin care products. At first glance, becoming so self sufficient can seem overwhelming. What advice do you have for aspiring homesteaders?

BK: It’s overwhelming because it’s exciting. My first piece of advice is to grow something that will provide you with something in return. An herb garden is a great thing even if you are in an urban setting. Then, I recommend getting a big jug of white vinegar and two essential oils:  tea tree oil and lavender. Those three things have a myriad of uses! Cleaning products, antibacterial functions, and crafts galore. There is so much information out there: forums, Pinterest, books. Dive in. Solve a problem for your home in a self sufficient way. This is the foundation!

You can follow BethKaya on IG and Twitter: @BethKaya

FACEBOOK: BethKaya Design & Consulting

ETSY: BethKaya Etsy


Branding a Mystic – Keeping Spirit Aligned with Business and Success


Lovingly Preserved #homegrown #organic #flowers #orgonite

The climate as a business woman and a “mystic” is a very tough one to navigate sometimes. There is a practice you are forming, rooted in service, light, artistry and spirit. You wish to make this practice a sustainable life path but fear several things, most of all you fear losing your spirit within the sharky cut-throat business arena. You worry that your sacred message will not translate or become lost in the wash of business jargon and know how. Sound familiar?

These fears are grade a typical light work business fears and they are pretty warranted. As a business owner you need to be a one stop shop unless you want to hire out a ton of vendors.

You’ll still have to do that don’t worry but you CAN create the roots and master plans for your light business on your own and keep it in tact while designing a formidable marketing strategy and business plan.

1) Decide On Your Business Goals

They key for both is to illuminate your point of view (POV) and create an impact with that unique vision of yours and push it onto the plate of the audience that wants your special line of work for their life. Where is there a need in the world for you and how can you fill it?

2) Learn About Your Potential Customers

Time to really get thinking about THAT PERSON. Who are they? What do they like about your point of view? How old are they? Where do they hang out? Where do they shop? How do they relax There are tons of questions to think about but the goal is to get inside the mind of the person who wants to utilize your light-practice. Do the homework! Ask the questions, write out the answers and then create a master list of adjectives. This list is ALL of the adjectives your audiences possesses. Are they Dreamers? Are they Moms? Are they homesteaders? Create this master list. Bring yourself into their world so you can bring them effectively into yours.


As she blooms, those blooms, bloom.

3.) Get On Board With Branding

It’s time to bring these concepts to life. That is where the visual brand becomes so important. This part scares a lot of people off when it pertains to light-work. There’s this air in some that feels like it’s devaluing the spirituality or authentic love bring harnessed from your practice if it becomes a on the books brand, with recognition and taxes to pay. That’s just not true. It certainly can fly right off track if your ego is getting in the way of your message but truth be told – this is about sustainability. If you want to make a LIFE for yourself that is rooted in your way of living and spirituality, then you need to be able to plant sustainable roots and grow something that will produce fruit. If you are OK with this just being a sidebar, and having another means to an ends, then that’s perfectly ok. This blog is for the Maverick who believes they can fuse it together and make it work for your life.

Not everyone has amazing graphic chops, I certainly don’t. Here is where I suggest finding a designer that communicates with you as an artist and have them help you create the visual ID for your spirit brand. Etsy has a ton of designers! (I also always recommend my brand maven, Shelli Martinez from Capitol Society.) Communicate with this person the message and purpose to your work. Talk to them about the colors that arouse the psychology of your work. Research those! Then together develop the visual hallmarks to your business. This hallmark or logo will become the visual ID for everything you do. You’d better love it!

4.) Get Your Social Media Game On

The real the launch pad (aside from incorporating and all that fun stuff which is another blog for another day) is aligning your social media to draw in and echo the point of view and special voice you are trying to get out there. Use hashtags to draw those in you want precisely what you have!  If you are doing body work – then #massage would be something you certainly want on your photos. Don’t go hashtag crazy but don’t ignore one of the best modern promotional digital card catalogs there is! It’s powerful! Make sure all of the social media platforms you use are cohesive, stick to content that suits your audience and speaks to the emotion you are wishing to evoke within your special followers. Keep it linear and clean, but authentic. Water it like a little seed! The more love you put in, the more it will grow!

Stay The Course!

There always will be people who don’t believe in associating with marketing terms like “branding” – but realizing how important the brand is to your path is crucial to forming a lasting and fruitful business that is rooted in your way of life! That’s the root of what a lifestyle brand is!  It doesn’t make you any less of a mystic or lightworker because of someone else’s righteous opinion about this. Also haters come with growth, it’s just a sad fact. Learn to shirk them effectively and with grace. This is a skill I am still honing. For every 100 people who offer me the kindest praises, there is always someone who will have something critical or harsh to say. This is your boat to sail! Leave them behind in grace and compassion.

It's official! Finally! My garden is coming back for you!! #nofilter #crocus #mysecretgarden

I will focus more in depth on some of these concepts in some future installments. If you are still spinning wheels and need help ASAP – check out my consulting services and perhaps we can make an appointment to solve some basic hiccups getting you started on the road to your own sacred path!

Most Of All..

Don’t forget why you started this. Keep your daily gratitude up high. Speak out to your guides and tell them how awesome they are for helping you raise your vibration and welcome abundance into your life and business. This is paramount! Draw in the energy you are putting out!

Talk to me in the comments below about some of the struggles you may have had getting your spiritual path to a sustainable place.
As Always – My Heart,





Indian Summer


Forever Bloom

Cherishing the warmer days as we cringe into the colder months. The flowers around here are still blooming and the tomatoes are winding down. Harvesting the last of the ripest petals and preserving them for my work. Continuing experimentation with Orgone device making out of my flowers, recycled metals from myself and some of my jewelry friends along with gemstone blessings. They are coming out really unique but resin is tough stuff, for me at least.

Continuing forward with my perfumes. I am just dizzy in love with this venture. Others are too, which is both wonderful and a little scary dually. I am seeing a lot of other designers pick this concept up to my dismay. I have to just be positive and hope that my unique and original light shines through this. I did a lot of research before I registered the copyrights for this presentation – Gems and Botanicals paired with Fragrance in a Roll On bottle. I was the first to do it – in this format. So here we are half a year from the official roll out (Despite releasing trials for the last two years) and now I am seeing them crop up everywhere. I suppose imitation is flattery? *sigh*

Here’s the master note list:


Copyright Protected Yo!

The one true thing that we do have in our corner is that copyright, first in line trademarking and my wonderful nose.

The Nose KNOWS! No one can take my special senses from me that allow me to create these explorations and celebrations of the senses! So I have updated the master note list once again just in time to start thinking about loved ones for the holidays!

*whistle whistle* Get a load of this beauty modeling some amazing pieces! Thanks for this feature Mal!

Photo Credit – Jay – Wingostarr Jewelry
Beautiful Mallory Models Designs from BethKaya (ring) Emmy Eff (Arm Cuff) XiolaBlueFox (Earrings)


As for more experiments – I hosted my very first customer appreciation day on instagram yesterday and it went really amazing. A lot of my customers LOVE to share photos of their pieces they recieve from me. It not only supports me through digital word of mouth marketing but I have these beautiful photos! So I shared collages and special out takes along with a giveaway contest and some other fun things. I want to do this regularly! I loved the (+) buzz sharing my gratitude dug up! It’s hard not to shout it from the rooftops when you have SUCH amazing customers and connections brewing all the time.


BK in Crystal Wreathe


In other lightwork news, we are an official sponsor of the #90daysofmindfulness challenge on IG and Facebook – look it up, join – pick something in your life to be mindful of. My challenge is #selflove. I am my worst critic so my goal is to pay attention to that. To be mindful of myself, the way I show my love for myself and others as well as make sure I am doing my own thing and not worrying about those copiers we mentioned earlier! Self Love can be work! You have to step over certain feelings, chores or work to just give yourself the nourishment you really need. What are you going to pick for your #90daysofmindfulness? Comment below!

Keep tuning in on social media to see what we are getting involved with. My number one objective this winter is to keep designing and partnering with causes and artists I adore. So get in on some of that action!


Lastly there is a WONDERFUL contest I’m a co sponsor for on instagram ending 10/24
Look that up too! TONS of loot, perfumes from me – necklace from my girl Mal from Wingostarr Jewelry, Hmong Tribe Cushion Cover from Addicted to Happy, Lip Honey Scrub and Coconut Milk Bath by Cocolust, Meditation book by Positive Peeps and GEMS! All you have to do to enter is follow us and share on Instagram!!!

How rad is it to get to work with such amazing people all the time!? We are GLOBAL baby!



Relationships Are Business Numero Uno


From my years of experience with my own business and with my work at Sony/IPC – the most important thing I’ve learned a business should be based on is GREAT relationships. If you don’t know your clients, how can you know what they need?

Part of developing marketing strategies and also products is knowing what your clients are looking for.

What is trending? What can’t they live without? What will you enjoy building ideas on?

This is the commonplace where sales and product development shakes a very important hand.

Your clients are the people who are inspired to act on what you do. If you aren’t tending to the flames of your client relationships, you aren’t tuning in! These are more than your clients, these are your friends who are bolstering what you do because they too believe in what you are doing.

Getting to know the people who appreciate what I do for them allows me not only to serve them further, but also chances are the person who’s needs I am filling, has something that can fill my needs. All relationships whether business or just personal are a two way street. Chances are these people can offer me something too if I take some time to make sure I meet their needs as a service provider and also as a friend.

Part of the reason I am bringing new blood in here as a writer and blogger is because I know I can’t meet everyone’s needs with the blog I hope to create. Having fresh voices will help round out the vision I know my clients are looking for!

Wording It Out In the New Year


2014 is about to get even wordier.

As I am sure you’ve noticed if you’re following me on Social Media – Things are getting pretty wordy with my jewelry as well as my Tarot practice. For the first time this blog will begin to feature the voices of some of my dearest peers and mentors.

>I am totally awesome because I keep even BETTER company.<
So here’s the deal – stay tuned as I start to roll out the 2014 Cast of BethKaya Design and Consulting. Be prepared for more art, fashion, business and spirit talk wrapped up in real information for the dream chaser in you. For the person kicking around an idea, a goal or a talent they want to get a grip on and aim it at the world. This blogs for you!

A person can easily eliminate any fear of competition if you focus on making your voice unique while appealing to the higher waves of trend. Everyone has the same  chance to make art or design things you enjoy as well as sell those items. This blog is also simply to help put designs skills to use spiritually, stylistically and on the homefront. It’s one thing to make things, it’s another to sell them or actually want them out on display in your own home!

If you’re reading this and you’re saying to yourself, “I have a voice and I want to use it” – Message me. Let’s put it to use. BETHKAYA is a label for MAVERICKS! Let’s light this blog on FIRE with Information, Spirit, Radical Ideas in Design, Art, Fashion and Homelife!

Very excited!

Blessings –