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BethKaya Returns to SOUPERGROOVE Music Festival!




Join me once again crystal children for a special installment once again! Incredible music, family vibe and awakenings await! Special thank you to Turtle Soup, Dolla Jill, Priscilla Mahajan, Susan Drubinski, Shanna Szuba,  Connie Wiebe Nogas (Autumn Sun Originals) and Matthew Mayer!

Let’s Explore Some Space!

Love BethKaya

Singed Summer – Musical Love For Solstice Air By BethKaya


Rose Quartz Point Wand From Brazil and Chive Flowers 💎🌿💐

Queue Olaf singing ” In suuuuummmmmeerrrr!”
You should know who Olaf is by now and if you don’t you cannot be helped!

Anywho Tis the season for the garden, the beach, later nights and slower mornings. Bare with me as I take a few more hours to respond to messages and also an extra day or two on order shipments. I try to enjoy the time with my little one and husband when we can. Life is so short. I’ve learned this one a few times over recently with the passing of two friends from back home.

Both of them had serious demons, addiction, depression… I mean we all have demons. Can’t we talk about that for a moment? We ALL have them.
We aren’t so different from one another. There are a LOT of healing modalities. I am a big proponent for alternative channels of healing, clearly.

You don’t have to be this guru with anything to do this either. A mandala coloring books is a great start but you know what really helps me almost all the time? Music.

So in honor Of Steve and KC – here is 11 Hours of Music – “SINGED SUMMER”

As compiled by me, BethKaya. See you in space kids. XOBK


Things hectic for you lately too? Everyone I know is feeling it. All I can say is that during times of unrest, and total confusion – it’s just time to DANCE like you don’t give a Fuck. (Pardon my French) Tap into my playlist I shared on BethKaya.com and enjoy 11 frikken hours of Dance Music to Help you SHAKE IT OFF. #dirtoffyourshoulders #live #dance #celebrate #forgetitall #DJBK #playlist #spotify Enjoy – It’s Saturday Night! Do it! #turnitup


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Hold Up, Caturday Night! Playlist Time!


Everything has been crazy hectic. Everyone I KNOW is going through turbulence. Sometimes when everything is a dang ass mess (one of my fav things to say these days) you need to crank up some tunes, make a lil cocktail and shake that azz like you don’t give a F&*K!

Enjoy – 11 Hours of Dance