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Valentines – The Stats and A Rosey Collab Offer


So naturally this is the time of year to consider that little romantic holiday. Some suggest it was invented by hallmark to sell cards, but there is obviously a lineage and lore associating in so many ways to different countries and cultures, dating back hundreds of year all over the world for St. Valentines Day. I got a little curious and decided to go on a little internet book report style scavenger hunt. Here are some totally serious and maybe a few BS stats I found from sources that range from CNN to random Joe Smith blogger!

The Stats –

-More than 35 Million Heart Shaped Boxes of Chocolate Will Be Sold For Valentines Day

-Over 110 Million Roses Will be Sold Over the 3 Days That Valentines Day Falls

-Women Purchase 85% of All Valentines

-3% of Pet Owners Will Treat Their Pets On Valentines Day

-In the USA – 65% of Men Do Not Make Valentine’s Day Plans in Advance

– 21 % of Consumers Will Spend $4.8 Billion on Jewelry This Year

– 60% of Valentines Given Are To Family While 20% are Given to Teachers (The Third Highest Group)

-One Third of Valentines Consumers Will Purchase Gifts for Loved Ones From Tablets

-2 Billion Dollars Will be Spent On Candy This Year

-50 Million Dollars Will Be Spend On Jewelry This Year

Speaking such expenditures a few of my fellow conscious energy warriors have pitched in to provide a group special for our shops collectively!


EmmyEffDesigns                 BethKaya                 Wingostarr Jewelry

*Click * Directly on Our Names to Be Directed Straight To Our Etsy shops!

USE CODE :     LOVE2016

Use this code in any of our three shops and you will get $5 off your entire order over $20. **ALSO upon ordering from my shop, if you provide proof of prior purchase from our trio, you will automatically receive a Faithful Grace crystal infused sample fragrance with your order.

So feast your eyes on a romantic preview of seasonal delights any Valentine would be delighted to receive!


Make your own yummy status up this season! Got any fun Valentine’s Day Facts to share? Comment !

Lunar Love, Beth

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Holistically Delicious – Customer Love – Beautiful Photos of BethKaya Goods


Here is your next installment of photos from my lovely supporters. It means everything that you take the time to do these shout outs! Beautiful photos!


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Thank you so much for sharing these! Make sure you tag me when you do so I can see them! My dreams are awake because of you!




Holistically Delicious – Handmade Body Love Infused with Gems and Love


So many yummy things in the shop! Here are some of my favorite things! ❄️Create your own Essential Oil Scented Tibetan Quartz Point Infused Castille Soap (I am using Patchouli and Sweet Orange ) ❄️Powder Deodorant in the same scent with a hint of peppermint ❄️Sugar Salt and Coffee Scrubs ❄️Energy Blessing Vials / Totems ❄️Smudge Spray with Lemon and Palo Santo Essential Oils ❄️Flower Power Body Oil ❄Tourmaline and Hibiscus Blush (Daily wearer and devoted to this product especially the color lasts and lasts) ❄️Quartz infused all purpose balm

Is everyone still clinging to their electric blankets and space heaters for dear life?

I see my friends in Cali and Florida with their outdoor yoga and crafting photos and grumble grumble! At least the hibernating months have always meant productive ones for me int he studio. I can’t say the house is very organized or well kept but hey, that’s what Spring is for! There are lot’s of delicious treats in the shop to pamper your body and soul this winter! Here are some of my favorites:

emoji️Create your own Essential Oil Scented Tibetan Quartz Point Infused Castille Soap

I am using Patchouli and Sweet Orange in my shower – for body, face and hair wash! It’s also great for delicate washing, compresses and more.

emoji️Powder Deodorant in the same scent with a hint of peppermint

emoji️Sugar Salt and Coffee Scrubs

emoji️Energy Blessing Vials / Totems

emoji️Smudge Spray with Lemon and Palo Santo Essential Oils

emojiFlower Power Body Oil

emojiTourmaline and Hibiscus Blush. I am a daily wearer and devoted to this product especially, the color lasts and lasts.

emoji️Quartz infused all purpose balm

Check them out and let me know what you think!

emojiemojiEvery Day is a Good Day to treat yourself and home like a sacred temple of love!! emoji