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These images are photos of the items I and so many others donated for the #haveaheart4Gwen fundraising auction. I want to let you know the donation was made to Gwendolyn’s fundraiser “Giving for Gwendolyn” Special thank yous to the following artists and donors – please show them some love! We donated $420.00!!!!


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Last call for the final lot in our artist sponsored #charity #auction benefitting Giving For Gwendolyn (Facebook). www.bethkaya.com for details and to bid! ✨Tap for contributors to this lot✨ Next week I will share some collage photos of all of the pieces artists contributed over the last 4 Weeks.


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Some goodies coming into the shop and going out. In my hands is are some of my energy vials (or totems – they stand) and their intent is to break and stay addiction free. #Amethyst the all soother is said to aide in sobriety and purity. Mixed with rubbed sage, cut patchouli and lavender at the tip – for smelling in moments of weakness. A couple of minis with the same intent on this #vintage tray. Love vintage trays. Sweet lemon parade perfume sprays, healing soaks, Aphrodesia gem and floral intent blends, seed of life #orgone and aura necklace (wooden talisman by @woodwearbyandrea ), orgone lens going out and thank the dear great spirit for these hair bands @rivergypsytx sent me! You guys have no idea I had no hair ties. I don’t know where they go and was attempting to rock banana clips in desperation. (Who doesn’t love a unicorn mane though?)


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Oh Zooey! (I hear she’s expecting


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The Last and Final Auction for the #HaveAHeart4Gwen charity auction is live! Visit bethkaya.com to see details and bid! That lot can be seen a photo back! Congrats @maly_oms! You have won this Orgone Specimen! (right) It’s cast from the one on the left! Very special! Thank you to everyone sharing and contributing!! Maly message me with your mailing details!! ✨


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#HaveAHeart4Gwen Charity Auction – Round 4 – Handmade Artist Healing Lot – Bid Now!!!

Auction Lot #4 - Click Link To Bid

Auction Lot #4 – Click Link To Bid


This is the last and final installment in the cooperative fundraising efforts for Mrs. Gwendolyn Westlund. This series of auctions were put together to raise awareness for becoming an organ donor and to raise aide for our recipient Gwen. Her Facebook fundraising page can be found on facebook by looking up “Giving For Gwendolyn”.

(Ebay does not permit full links) Details for the final lot are below. Following the conclusion of this series I will release all of the detail photos on the blog as a showcase for all of the artists who participated in this over the course of the last few weeks. Thank you for supporting them, this effort and our work. Your kindness has reached thousands of people. We have made a huge impact! Kindness and Love are alive and very well.


#HaveaHeart4Gwen Auction Lot 4

The winner of this auction lot will receive the following items hand made and donated by:

*Rose Quartz Polished Heart Necklace on Silver Chain with Matching Rose Quartz Earrings

– Handmade and Donated By @GiftsOfTheGalaxy


 *KettleCorn! (Raved Product!)

– Donated By Open Minded Specialty Shop in Toms River NJ – Beautiful store run by  beautiful team headed by female entrepreneur Jen Schweitzer. Her business is a beautiful community space showcasing local talent and beautiful glassware and gifts. It is a MUST visit when you are down the Shore! (Off Hooper Avenue in Toms River, NJ) @Omsmoke

*Polished Large Rose Quartz Heart – Glowing with Loving Energy!

– Donated By Zaraluna.com @Zaralalaluna


Crystals and crystal creations!

*3 Seaglass 4X6” Photograph notecards from the Jersey Shore of Genuine Seaglass Hearts

-Photographed and Donated by @twighlightdancedesigns


Unique Art and Seaglass Pieces

*Pink Bow and Button Earrings

-Handmadeand Donated By @Chimerarielle www.ButtonUpBoutique.Storeenvy.com

*2 Pairs of Crystal Earrings

– Handmade and Donated By @Sampinotti

*Stunning Rose Quartz and Pearl Necklace

– Dramatic Length with Dolphin Talisman

-Handmade and Donated by @susans_talismans



– Handmade and Donated By @CelestialStarlight



*Opalite and Blue Mystic Quartz Earrings

*Hand Sculpted Blue Lace Agate Goddess Pendant

*Stunning Blue Suede Necklace with Wrapped Blue Mystic Quartz, Rose Quartz, Quartz and more.

– Handmade and Donated By @CelestialStarlight


*Mixed Quartz Crystals

-Donated By @Dizgarx_Designs


*Gift Certificate for  Shamanic Astrology Reading – Birth Chart Analysis

– By Astrolonaut @Gemini Brett

“We start with The Script.  This is the story of your soul path, which can be heard as a symphony in three movements:  the Lineage – where you’re coming from, the Strategy – what you’re currently working with to get to where you’ve chosen to go – the Soul Intent.

This reading weaves intuitive and mythological gems into a tapestry of detailed, but comprehensible astrology to tell the tale of your personal story as shown by the Zodiacal positioning of and alignments to the Personal Planets on your Celestial Fingerprint.

Within two weeks of submitting your birth data (date, place, and time if available) and payment, you will receive a 60-75 minute mp3 recording from somewhere in the great woods of the Northwest along with a pdf of your astrological chart.”



*Vintage China Mug – Porcelian Collectors China Cup

– Donated By Mal_WingostarrJewelry



*SNIFF TAPE – Wooden Cassette Oil Diffuser – Freshens Your Sacred Spaces With (2) Holistic Oil Blends – Vanilla Orange & Coconut in Cobalt Glass Bottles with Pouch. Hangs on Genuine Suede.

– A Collaborative Handmade Donation By @JDrewSilvers & @BethKaya




Timewise – Mary Kay Foundation – Beige 2 – From Gwen Herself

Exuviance  Facial Rejuvenation Mask – From Gwen Herself

Dermatologica – Medium Sheer Tinted Moisturizer – From Beth


*FROM @BethKaya

Handmade and/or Donated By @BethKaya


www.bethkaya.com – THE FOLLOWING:


– 100% Natural Espresso Facial and Body Scrub With Organic Espresso, Sugars, Avocado Oil and More!

– Flower Sachet – 8 Different Flowers for Altar, Tincturing or Crafts

– 8ml Cedar & Sandalwood Body/Room Spray – Unisex, Deep, Bright and Early – Bold

– 1 dram Gem and Botanical Fragrance Oil Annointing Oil – Amber Beach –  Beachy, Deep – Unisex with Peridot, Quartz and Mixed Flowers

– 1 Vial 1/3oz Gem and Botanical Fragrance Oil – Opium – With Marigold and Jasper  – Soapy, Bold, Unisex, Long Wearing

– 1 Vial of 1/3 oz Gem and Botanical Fragrance Oil – Summer Nights – Selenite, Apatite, Chamomile  – Coconutty, Aquatic, Powdery, Island Hues

-1 Rose Clay & Activated Charcoal Natural Goatsmilk Soap – Scented with #1 Seller – Faithful Grace

– 1 Raw Rose Quartz Chunk

-1 Raw Amethyst Chunk

– 1 Vintage Book of Goddesses – Out of Print and Award Winning! – By Kris Waldherr



This series of charity auctions is to raise awareness and support for organ donation as well as to cancer survivor and heart recipient Gwendolyn Westlund.

All of the proceeds after shipping will go towards her fund. Please read more about her courageous story as well as her own efforts to bring cheer and hope into the lives of others.

To follow Gwen’s story – and support her ambassador work please follow her page


and if you want to cut the game out and donate directly to her fund here is her support page


Thank you so much! Happy Bidding and Good Luck! Help Me Make this Rodeo Fly!

Closeups of the pieces and descriptions are in the listing copy! Click on the link!

Please Visit Their Shops and Take a Look!

Your entire donation (Minus Shipping and What Ebay Takes) will be forwarded to the Giving for Gwendolynfund!  Best of Luck!

Auction winner will receive EVERY item in the photos.

Thank you for your support!

This has been an incredible experience making so many new and kind friends!

Give someone a second chance at life! Be a Donor! This lovely set is made up of handmade and donated items from all of the artists and shops listed above. Please browse through all of the photos for close ups and message me for any questions .

Blessings – Beth


This Auction LOT #3 Was Sponsored By Artists:

Please Visit Their Shops:


Open Minded Smoke & Specialty – Toms River, NJ


Twighlight Dance Designs


Gifts of The Galaxy

Susan’s Talismans

Celestial Starlight

Wingostarr Jewelry


Samantha Pinotti

Dizgarx Designs

More Than Astrology

J Drew Carpentry

Wingostarr Jewelry




A little reminder about this #Giveaway I’m running for the #HaveAHeart4Gwen charity auction series. The last lot of the series will launch next week heck or high water (was waiting on last minute things to get here!) ️Share


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Packing Up Lot 3- #HaveAHeart4Gwen ❤️taking a little pause before I launch the final round of this series of artist sponsored auctions to raise funds for a friend who beat up cancer and ended up needing a heart transplant (and countless open heart surgeries) – despite her energy level and the risks associated with her visiting with sick people – she does. Gwen is so inspirational to me would do what we’ve done for her, for others in a heartbeat (pun intended i guess) I’m waiting for the last pieces to come in and toying with the idea of making it a raffle that way everyone has a chance to give something small for a chance at something bigger. We’ll see – ebay was a big success (but they take some!) ❤️Look up hashtag #HaveAHeart4Gwen / visit BethKaya.com / Facebook Giving For Gwendolyn ✨to take a look at what the heck Im talking about and enter the share contest (Instagram) to help spread the word and get a shot at a one of a kind orgone casting loaded with love, crystals and ❤️❤️❤️


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Detail shot of the #HaveAHeart4Gwen lot 3 bundle at the widest angle possible! Tap for artists! ✨BethKaya.com✨ The countdown is on! #charity #auction #beadonor #givelife


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Put this spirit raging gift set into the shop! My Saturday auctions have been successful enough that I get the idea many of you want to try a lot of my goodies and need that bundle price to make it a reality! I am so down with that. Working on a membership club that will get you access to a random assortment of products bimonthly but that won’t be rolling out for a few months. (Thank you @emmyeffdesigns for the amazing suggestion) Until then, I’ll list some bundles and keep with the Saturday auctions! Let me know if there is something you want to see! Also there is still a lot live for the #HaveAHeart4Gwen charity auction (bethkaya.com) for those details. The last and final auction from that series will begin next week!!


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