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“Poison Dragon’s Liver?! – Do they poison the dragon or just the liver?!” – Bed Knobs and Broomsticks #Studio #bkdc #herbs #resin #flowers #gemstones #orgonite #alchemist


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Altar’d. #studio #bkdc #workflow #saygrace #theorb


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My Current Studio


I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I think photos of my own and other folks art spaces are totally rad. They are art themselves!

I share my studio with my husband. My studio is outfitted with all of my supplies organized on shelving in utility totes.I do this because I like to work on the go and am constantly shuffling things around.

Since this is both a music and art studio, lots of of multi media and mediums are ever present!  Everything needs a home. My husband and I have desks on opposite walls with 360 of shelves. Here’s some studio porn – a regular feature on my Instagrizzle but will be here now too! To follow up yesterday’s post that had some of my earliest pieces and workspaces here is some current pics of my hot spot in the flow. ALSO I play and share tunes I’m spinning or mixing on SPOTIFY and Facebook!


My Mixing Side – with easy access to painting and jewelry supplies within reach


I have a Studio boutique – its a shelf of current works on display for visitors & clients
The top rack is a bracelet display

Headphones Hanging By My Jewelers Bench (Flex Drill Pictured)
One Pair for my PC tunes, and the Other for my Husbands


Another Scene from my Studio Boutique


My Jewelers Bench


My Fabric Stash Lives Above the Vistor Sofa

I have lots of Alt Lighting and Places to Store Supplies

Close Up of Jewelry Tools



The VAIO I mix on – Naturally I Painted On it – It Glows

My husband’s Keyboard for his Tune Makin

My Sewin Spot

Burning Sage

My Desk 🙂