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Just made up my bed and admiring this sea goddess blanket by my friend @twilightdance designs. She drew this by hand and had the prints made into woven USA made art blankets. She brings me such peace and power. I’ve long admired Briannes work and many of you might recognize this style from the limited series of post cards that went into the last 250 orders❤️. #goddess #originalart #twilightdancedesigns #beyou


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” I Am But An Instrument…” Welcoming Brianne :)

I keep hearing that in my head as the rest of my days go by…..In my meditations, my daily visits to the ocean’s shores….  “You are the instrument”… I know.
I can feel it.

I am an artist. I was born an artist. I came from 2 people who sewed clothing, wired circuit boards, and designed radar for a living. I’ve wanted to create things since I can remember. My mother was a master seamstress, my father a patent-holding engineer that designed the radar for the current machines that fly for our wars as well as a master woodworker. My parents could respectively sew you a wardrobe and construct a house with their eyes closed…

My mother’s past is one full of ancient Italian  female mystics and healers,”Strega Nonnas” if you will. My father’s past is full of architects, travelers, and music lovers….

From them, came myself, and my 5 siblings.

I grew up living in an atmosphere of creative people, people always making things, constructing cabinets, canning food, eating tofu and sprouts. I was always that weird kid that brought the tofu dogs to cookouts. The weird kid that took “weird” as the highest compliment. The weird kid that saw HAIR in 7th grade and realized it was ok to be an adult freak just as long as you don’t hurt anybody…(“And remember kids, I am your friend…”)..School just never felt like a good fit, I have felt since a young child that could never be taught art. Forever the frugal, I saved my parents (and myself) the money and dropped out after 1 semester of community college…from there on out, I took on the road, and learning on my own. I lived in tie dye workrooms and studio shops, I criss crossed the country selling my handsewn patchwork at musical events, I taught myself digital graphic design…I’ve had a few adventures that would make a good book. For that I am grateful… Live music has always been the center of my universe. It became more so when I met my husband, who plays guitar full time. 15 years later, we have 2 wonderful children and we still live by the beach. My life’s path has been full of twists, turns, and a few holes, but it seems to be the foundation for the strength of how solid the road is right now. A life threatening illness took my life and shook it around recently- throwing me out like dice in a Yahtzee game. Everything I had known as stability in my life was put on the line, and I paid dearly for the life I have now- but all I really need is my family close, and my peace of being an artist….full time. To be that instrument all of the time.  I’m finding this new life of solitude and stay at home motherhood again, with a strong emphasis on making art every day despite my physical limits due to my illness. My art has exploded into the potential I held back as I put myself on hold for a conventional “boss” in recent past..(I am and never have been a fan of bosses!)
I am healing myself through my art, one day at a time. My husband and children are my unwavering support system. This involves hours of painting, drawing, sculpture and sea glass, beach combing, glue, sparkles, color and anything I can get my hands on. Never before have I been able to create so freely. With this comes a life that depends on the art to make the money, but it doesn’t matter so much anymore these days. I am but an instrument. And that is the greatest gift I have been given as the beginning of my new life.
My current path of being an artist these days isn’t about creating a label, or everyone knowing my name, but more of my life’s purpose bringing art to the surface of this earth. Art is the great healer.

website: www.twilightdance.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/twilightdancedesigns
etsy: www.twilightdance.etsy.com

Note From Editor –

Following Brianne’s work over the years has constantly inspired and driven me to be a better artist and one humble to the spirit force behind it. It’s pretty clear that Brianne’s channel is a mystical and illuminated place. I am so honored to have her share her stories and words with us. She will help carry the message of spirit and artistic culture intertwining like we enforce in our label. Brianne is DEEPLY connected, humble and rooted in her passion. We can’t wait for more!

– Beth


For Brianne


To a breast cancer warrior, inventor, artist, friend and rockstar mom/wife –