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Here’s the deal, I have had a tremendous amount of difficulty with my words and footing lately. There is a lot going on in the world that is tough to swallow. Emphatically this is all too heavy and heart wrenching. Almost 2 weeks ago, a radical asshole shot up a club with people inside. This happens too much.

I can’t process this in any other way .  I made some art.


This piece of art is screaming at me. I wanted to make a donation to the PULSE victims club in the wake of the tragic shooting, but felt guilty about the small impact a small donation really has. So I thought, well – I’ll put what I was going to donate into the art, and that will be my donation – and my peers will get a symbol to share and plaster every where out of this and together we can forge a bigger drop in the bucket a message and even a donation.

I created this sticker and it’s here – I have 50 to start

I hope to sell out and drop a chunk of love off to :


^^^ by all means donate directly. – Of your donation to buy the sticker, apart from processing fees (from paypal, credit cards, and postage) – the remainder will go towards the group donation.

If I sell all 50 – I’ll do another run! Maybe I will put it towards another crisis situation that needs LOVE or keep it flowing towards this group. I don’t know, I know people need help, and to see love and be love everywhere and I don’t like to feel helpless. My peers helped in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in ways that one a grassroots level moved mountains. Those are the people I associate with. Lets move another mountain.

Even in shadow, we can be love. Things happen that are ugly, we cannot pretend they don’t happen. This is an age old battle. We need to confront these this and stand up for what counts.



4″ X4  – Die Cut High Quality Matte “Bumper” Sticker,



Thank You – Keep you posted.



#TrekForYourTribe Tagged to do a #selfloveselfie by @emmyeffdesigns and I decided to share this photo. I embrace my bohemian style, tousled locks, animated expressions, perfectly imperfect body and hopelessly loyal tribal ethics. I will go the distance for my tribe because a village is better than a silo. Becoming a mother taught me a lot of things and one of those things is a great compassion for other moms and really anyone who is cast into the sea to swim for themselves. It does take a village and I couldn’t be more humbled and grateful for every person in my life who has outstretched a hand and said “come on let’s go together”. Let’s #seek together, let us share this human experience – together. You play your part and I’ll play mine. Together we prepare a feast and together we will eat well. Love you ❤️ #tribe #village #community TAG you’re it


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@heartsparklebomb has announced the winner for the #wereallangels giveaway and she has randomly drawn @zoewilder for the giveaway! Which is pretty exciting to me since that’s one of my friends! See friends you should enter my collabs! (my friends tell me they are shy to enter because they don’t want it to seem unfair but it’s totally fair I didn’t even officiate this!) spirit makes the choice everytime! Thank you so much to everyone who entered and to the artists who come together to support each other’s dreams! Love you guys!!!! #BringOnSpringBK is still open and there are two big ones I’m working on with at least 30 other artists! We are all paying our bills and feeding our families with your love and support and it means everything. Thank you to everyone who shares and plays – you are doing more then you know by simply playing!


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